Monday, 23 June 2014

Truly One Malaysia

the concept of the House of One in Berlin

The House of One, 
a place where a church, a mosque and a synagogue share the same roof, 
worshipers regardless of religious differences pray and have dialogue
for better respect and understanding of their own religion and other's.

This, in my opinion, is what Malaysia truly needs
for us Malaysians of different religions to share, discuss and talk, 
to promote better understanding of other religions 
and as well as comprehension of the words of god. 

Dialogues regardless of our cultural as well as religious differences, 
are vital to curb ever-growing social fractionalization 
and to prevent exploitation and manipulation 
by people with greed for power and support for their own personal gain and selfish intention.

 Dialogues are inexpensive and mainly driven by our voices and minds. 
A good cause does not need big expenditure for marketing
but rather the peoples' support and
readiness to accept changes

Be brave to talk about our differences and thus embrace them
as it makes us unique and stronger together
It all starts from dialogues with others.

After all we are all Malaysian.

For more information about the interesting architecture and concept of the House of One

The church, mosque and synagogue are connected to the meeting place in the middle.