Sunday, 6 October 2013

A love-hate Relationship with my DSLR

I have a troubled marriage like love-hate relationship with my 500D. It has been five years since the establishment of our relationship. Like any other relationship, the beginning was full with excitement until it came to a stage where the the strength of bond started to gradually fade out. And then it's just a matter of time when the craving for excitement kicks in. Having an affair with other cameras becomes a guilty pleasure. D90... 5D.. D7000.. But at the end I always go back to my 500D because I have no choice. I love her for she is my very first and she has taught me to be a better photographer, but I hate knowing the fact that I could do more but not without my 500D.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


One door closes, another door opens. 

Today is marks a significant transition in my life. I am leaving the comfort zone in which i have spent four years completing my undergraduate program in the `Schwabenland` and starting a fresh new life in Hamburg.

Many people have been asking me whether I am excited about living in Hamburg. I am looking forward to a fresh start over there in Hamburg. But when it comes to leaving behind people and things I am familiar with, I felt rather heavyhearted. It somehow reminds me of the moment when I left Malaysia. What differs this time is that I am on my own on the very path that I have chosen for myself. The amount of responsibility on our shoulders increases as we age. Now the moment has come to think about the future and the path ahead. As life gets tougher, I realize I have to start to really prepare myself for the unknown upcoming and all those fooling around shall remain as a sweet reminiscence in the past.

I am not ready, yet.

One of the reasons I chose to do master is to right the wrong. I know myself perfectly well that I am not prepared to make a step in starting my career, not just yet. I had a very convincing feeling that I am still lack of important qualities of a good engineer. After all the indulgence of the sudden out-of-cage freedom is hard to keep in check. Moreover it was given to an innocent teenager who before that has been living in a much protected environment with a very defined boundary on what can be done and what ought to be done by certain people.

Decision: right or wrong

Every day we make decisions, no matter big or small, they all have different consequences. We are constantly at crossroads or junctions, one after another. And there is no take two in real life. Having said that means that every decision we make will always be right. As it is impossible for us to validate the decisions. The path not taken will always be the path unknown to us. Things might have been different otherwise. That however does not mean that the other decision will be right. Making mistakes is part of our life and it prepares us to be a better decision maker.