Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A thought about Promises

It's hard for to understand why people always break their promises. Understandable is that nobody is born perfect, but with flaws. The imperfection is what makes us human. And human makes mistakes. We are often born with a list of responsibilities jotted down by others, which awaits us to fulfill one by one. The question is just the time to lay the first tick on that never ending checklist.

Somehow people get too occupied with those responsibilities. You are busy, I am busy and everyone is busy with their own chores. Being busy often makes people forget about things we have said, done and most importantly promised. Different levels of priority are set for promises made to different people. What stay on top of my list might not be the same as your top priority. It could be parents, friends, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. Which ever comes first determined how important that person to you. 

Life changes as time goes, same thing with our priority in life. Without having family at my side, friendship is the precious asset I have living in foreign country. I have seen friends around me come and go. I have stopped believing in the so called best friend forever. I once had some crazy stupid thoughts about who being my best man during my wedding. I even asked someone to be at my side as my supporter on my big day and he said yes. I was too naive to believe our relationship would last that long. Soon the relationship status downgraded from being brother like best friend to friend and now perhaps acquaintance. being naive once is forgivable. but twice. Obviously I don't really learn from mistake. 

Promise made should be fulfilled. That's my principle of life. That's why I seldom give promises unless I am sure that I am capable of fulfilling them. Frankly I just hate those people who broke their promises. Who can I blame but myself.  

There are so many things spoken by people which are meant to enter through the right ear and go out from the left. Taking things seriously so easily has given me hard and miserable time to be able to forget and start all over again. 

I have broken a lot of promise and I hate myself for that, but like I said I am not and will never be perfect. But there is one thing I can which is being wise and learn how to protect myself.

A Thought about a Storyteller

Life is just a mere performance on stage. The performance changes from one stage to the other. as it evolves, the story itself changes as the taste of audiences differs in terms of culture, mentality and acceptance. If a storyteller could adapt the stories accordingly, then no doubt a lot of attention would be gained from the bigger audiences.

Often it depends on the storyteller to set who the storyteller would want to address his tale to. Ultimate success and a path to stardom can only be achieved by having a great story line and the unconditional support from actors and actresses who portray the character of the story. They act as an important medium for the storyteller to reach out to the audience. To be able to deliver a successful performance requires mutual trust from two sides, whose future is dependent on each other.