Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Favor

I hope this coming weekend would turn out to be a good one. From the time I started taking pictures using DSLR until now, I have collected some experience taking pictures for events like engagement, party and official ceremony. Finally during this coming weekend, I will have the chance to be photographer at a wedding. I took the responsibility of second photographer as a favor to my friend who he said he needs my help badly. I do understand that taking wedding pictures for the first time can be really stressful even before the wedding day. All the preparation, brainstorming for ideas and all those effort to fulfill the expectation can be really stressful. I am glad that I am there for him to help out.

Spitting out the thought

Sometimes i just wish i could fight back people' sarcastic statement using the language I am good at instead of faking a smile and pretending that I didn't understand anything. Sometimes I do understand what the others say to me. You know what! all the while all the language classes which I have attended taught me how to write, listen and speak.. formally in a nice and polite way. After 3 years I have been in Germany, I realized what has been taught in the class didn't prepare us in our real life. It taught us to sit for exam and talk in formal conversation. I know what i should do is to take it as a challenge to myself for improvement. But then in my mind i always ask myself whether my life would be different if I were in different environment where I am capable to fight and defend myself.