Friday, 18 February 2011

Sungai Merbok

Either i am outdated and nerdy person who stays at home all the time or many people in Sungai Petani don't even know the existence of this wonderful place. Situated far away from the hustle bustle in city, it offers serene and peaceful environment and get-away from the stress for some less polluted air, fishing activities, boat rides along the Sunagi Merbok(Merbok River) and also landscape photography.

I discovered this place while browsing through internet to look for places to take pictures in Sungai Petani. To get the direction, I 'google-mapped' this place and it wasn't difficult to find. It was surprisingly  developed and I am pretty sure a lot of money has been invested on this eco-tourism project with many facilities like restaurant, museum, toilets and chalets built as part of the development.

For more pictures feel free to visit my flickr album by clicking here.