Wednesday, 14 July 2010




Saturday, 10 July 2010

A conversation on risk.. it inspires

I found these videos when i was reading Chase Jarvis's blog. Listen to wad they have to say and it's really inspiring. It's about how to take risk and deal with it in life and how people grow up from it.. it has inspired me and i hope they inspire you too. Life is not as bad as you think. like my best friend said to me, if you were given a lemon, just make lemonade out of it... here comes a stupid question that i asked her back.. what if you were given a small rock, immediately she answered:" eat the rock and it will come out together with shit.. eh.. not funny? yeah.. i think its not a joke. it's just a random answer given by an annoyed friend to a very stupid question asked by a very annoying person, well which is me. wad would you answer, if i ask you that. you were given a rock, worthless piece of rock, something which is so solid, that you can't change or make anything out of it?