Wednesday, 23 June 2010

45 Degree Celcius Fever

The roads were empty. Normally at this hour the streets would be filled with cars. Most of the German were watching football match between Germany and Ghana live from South Africa. Everytime whenever the German football team plays, the whole Germany stops. Shops, streets, roads would be very empty. Most of the Germans would probably be sitting on couch, drinking beer and watching the German football team play. I really respect them for being so patriotic, supportive towards their national football team and so united.

Ghana was beaten by Germany 1-0, beautifully scored by young talented footballer Mesut Özil. This is how the Germans celebrate their victory, out on the streets and roads honking, shouting and cheering with their national flag held high. The honking could last 1-2 hours. no kidding. Right now while i am writing this, the match ended one hour ago, and since then the honking never stops and still goes on.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Summer Adventure

I have decided not to go back Malaysia this summer and travel instead. So very soon after the exam i will embark on a 15-day-journey starting from Athen and all the way to Sofia in Bulgaria. as you can see from the map above. To finance my trip, i am working part time in a vietnamese restaurant during summer. In fact i have ad started working last weekend. The feeling of spending my own hard earned money was fantastic. I can buy stuffs without guilt for spending taxpayer's money... Awesomeeeee!! But first i have exams to worry about. sigh....

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wad a Mess!

I know by publishing this picture, this is how my room looks like now. I am putting my reputation at risk. but whatever. Privacy in this matter is not so important, at least to me. oh ya one more thing, i know it's very random.. an idea came across my mind just now. to all my 5.0 classmates, i plan to have a photoshoot for 5.0 next year Feb during chinese new year. i think by next year i should have enough equipments and knowledge to have an small studio photoshooting. but dun expect too much from me. cos i am still new to studio photoshooting too. if you have faith in me and you are interested, let me know.

p/s: i dunno how many of my ex classmates actually read my blog... ooppss my laptop looks cacat in the picture. 3 pictures combined into one. i should have taken more pictures.. oh well its good enough i think.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

!@#$%^&* :-(

Everday we make decisions.
to eat or not to eat,
to buy or not to buy,
to go or not to go.
not matter big or small the decision is,
we still have to think before we decide.

There is time when you would find yourself standing at a crossroad and you think so intensively. You still have no idea which path to take, because at the first place you have no idea where you want to go and what you want.

So how can you choose which path to take without knowing the destination. You might say.. simply choose one.. Anyone will do. For insignificant things like wad to eat for lunch, ya that works; Sometimes its even better and saves time, but for a lifetime decision which there is no turning back, I wish i could just close my eyes and ding dong diang (simply choose one). but i couldn't. It's like walking on the road blindfolded without knowing what I might get into..

Now i am exactly at a crossroad. Four paths lay ahead of me, and i have no f***ing idea which to take or may be i shouldn't have chosen to study automotive engineering at the first place.

Fickle I admit I am. No one i have ever found who is as fickle as me. That's f***ing true.

i think the time will come when i have to hand in the form and you know wad...i will do the same thing again like i did when i applied for my course in Germany.

Making decision is f***ing hard.

P/S: I just could find any adverb better than f***ing in this case. seriously.
You know why people use f*** so frequent bacause their vocabulary is limited. By saying this i also mean myself. yes but i don't mind. it is so f***ing not important right now, compared to situation i am in right now....