Saturday, 29 May 2010


I have a lot of things in my mind for the past one week and I want to write them all down. Both my hands are ready on the keyboard but the fingers stay still. Perhaps I know if i do, the post would become a post of me ranting about dissatisfactions and problems in life. Ya true, i always do that especially when i just started blogging.

At the time when i first started writing blog, I was in a whole new stage in my life and new environment. I had a hard time dealing with the changes in life, cultural shock, language barrier and being independent. So i blogged to channel all my feeling to this blog. If you were to ask me to once again read back the old posts, i would ask myself why did i let myself publish these kind of stuffs, what the heck was I thinking back then! So childish, so naive! ya it's darn true. it's like you read back the essays you wrote in primary school. You would laugh for sure, right? but it shows that you have improved. That's a good thing, isn't it? Human makes mistake because we are imperfect. we all did mistakes. What is important is that we learn from the mistakes and don't repeat them. The imperfection within us is what makes us... us.

Suddenly i recall a quote sent by a good old friend of mine long time ago to encourage me.

From Criminal Minds "Out of the sufferings emerges a stronger soul; the strongest soul has the biggest scar seared on it." by Khalil Gibran.

Saturday, 22 May 2010


Sunday, 2 May 2010

Project Aqua Splash

The past weekend has been again and again a waste of time from academical perspective. Sunday is coming to an end but Friday seems like yesterday. I feel guilty. Week after weeks I have the same feeling on sunday evening bacause i would ask myself what have I done in weekend and what I have promised myself to do in weekend. I wish weekend could have been longer as time seemed not enough for me to do my stuffs.

I did a small studio project to take pictures of water spash. i managed to get Kah Aik to help me in this project. It took place in a very small room of mine at Berlinerstr. Without transmitter Icould only mount my flashgun on my camera, meaning the direction of light from the flash was fixed. besides that i also bought a few photo cardboard paper of different colours for the background. The most important thing in this project, which i din have, was the 'thing' to make water droplets. From what billy has showed me, i used a water filled plastic bag with a tiny hole at the bottom of it. that wasn't a good idea actually because the water droplets could not be controlled and it could be very very tedious and tiring as well, for Kah Aik in this case. the best thing i should have had was a burette-like-device or burette. So without it i would have to improvise by using whatever i had aound me. Taking pictures under this circumstance, the result was not great, but it was not too bad actually. I could still get some nice shots like 10 out of 200 shots. Come on that wasn't that bad right!

the setting for the shoot.