Monday, 22 February 2010


I personally don't really like Vienna that much. The wind was strong and cold . when i say strong I mean really really strong like Hercules that kind of strong! Bad example i know. pardon me for my wrong usage of words. When I was standing at the middle of the road, the wind blew from my left and I actually moved a few steps to the right.

nlike Malaysia where shops are open as usual on public holidays, in Europe almost all the shops are closed during public holidays. It was a bit troublesome to find food.. but surprisingly Christmas market was still on going on Christmas eve. i think it's for the sake of earning foreigner's money.. nevertheless if you have the chance to travel in German speaking countries like Germany and Austria, do visit the Christmas markets there.. drink some Glühwein to help keeping your body warm..

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Sunset in Oia, Santorini
我们一生中总是离不开与朋友亲人分离的情节。十八岁前的我还是生活在父母亲的被窝里不怎么了解看着在我们生活扮演着重要角色的人离去的感觉。 对现在的我来说,这种感觉一点都不陌生。数一数,我离乡背井念书已经有四年多。那么多年过去了,我已经习惯别人离我而去的感觉,经历多了有时候我也麻木了,比以前看开了许多。

当一个人不在你身边太久,你是否会随着光阴的流去而慢慢地忘记有他/她在你的生活的感觉。刚开始可能你会觉得有点不习惯,总觉得生活好象缺少了某种东西。日子久了,你就会开始习惯没有他/她的生活。我的哥哥在我form 2 的时候就到吉隆坡念书,九个月后便到日本去继续深造。一去就去了五,六年。现在他还是在日本念书。以前还会很想念与他一起生活,有吵有闹,有欢有喜,现在偶尔只会想一想。我俩都长大了,在一起的时间也不长,关系也随着时间的过去而变生疏了。




ps: cham lo! 我的华语越来越差料! 不要见怪!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

One year in GERMANY

Time flies seriously macam (like) rocket. (very cliche i know but it's darn true) perhaps it's because i am having almost the same routine every day in my life for the past one year. It has been one year ever since i first stepped my foot on the German soil. Our seniors are going for practical training soon while the juniors have just arrived in Germany having their preparation course now. So many things have changed in one year and in this world things are changing rapidly.

Looking back at the things that i have achieved in Germany so far, I feel utterly disappointed with myself for the poor result i have got. Other than that, there was once i felt really down and emotionally compromised after i had an unintended confrontation with my lecturer. Every word he said to me was like the songs in the playlist. they kept repeating and repeating in my mind to an extent of having the intention to just stab myself right into my chest with a knife just to end everything. No kidding. But as you can see, i am writing this to tell you, that means i am still alive and walking.. Well, it wasn't that bad after all after i met him for 2nd to apologize to my lecturer and he even asked for my name. I am not sure whether it's a good thing but he remembers me, at least. I learned my lesson very well through the confrontation. Well what happened in the past stay in the past and it's ad over. I shall look at the bright side and work really hard next semester.