Thursday, 28 January 2010


'Be Brave..'
'Be Strong..'
'Look at the bright side...'

i know.. but sometimes letting go is the hardest thing to do..

Miss you dear.. badly

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Vienna plus some thoughts of mine

A friend of mine said to me that using a less than Rm3K compact camera is never easy to impress a mighty photographer who owns a Rm3K Canon DSLR(he insinuated me who happens to be tagged in his pictures in facebook and own a canon 500d, perhaps with a little bit of sarcasm by saying a mighty photographer).

Having a dslr is something really common nowadays, common not as in there is a dslr in every household. What i mean is that dslr camera is no more camera only used by professional photographer. Some people have a dslr because they really have strong interest in photography. Some people just simply like the feeling of having a dslr hanging around their neck, in other words having a big cardboard hanging around the neck and written on the card board "i am rich cos i can afford a dslr" Frankly speaking, having a 500g camera hanging around the neck might make you look cool and it serves as a status symbol, but it is never comfortable.

If you compare the quality of the pictures taken using dslr and compact digital camera, no doubt that dslr's, under the same circumstances, are better. But one can take a good picture using a digital camera too. It just depends on your definition of a good picture. I myself am a dslr camera user and I can say that not all my pictures are good. Since I got my camera, I have taken countless of shitty pictures, shitty not just as in angle not good, underexposed or overexposed, the subjects not in focus bla bla bla, but as in soulless and lack of stories to tell.

Mr B told me yesterday that you have think yourself as the person who looks at the things or scenery that you are looking when you take pictures, not as a photographer; It's about what can the person tell from the pictures.

Like what Chase Jarvis says, the best camera is the one with you. Just use whatever you have to take pictures. It doesn't have to canon 500D, nikon D90. it can be a 6.0MP compact camera or 2.0 MP camera phone.

watch the following video from Chase Jarvis.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Great Market Hall

It's hard not to resist yourself from not doing something you want to do so much as you have other things which are clearly more important to do. it's like resisting the desire to buy something that you want so much (for me lenses) and you do have money in your bank account, but you have to use the money to survive in coming months. Well, we are living in a world full of desires and it all depends on ourselves how well we can cope with the desires and resist them.

I have been telling myself that i should start preparing for the coming end of semester exam. but i am feeling reluctant to even flip through my books... My mind would somehow automatically blocked itself from absorbing any knowledge when it is in German.

oh boy oh boy! What has the great Market Hall to do with what i am writing here!! too lazy to even create a new post.. -tsktsk -shakehead-