Friday, 10 September 2010

Journey in Balkan Countries- Berat

How often people who walk past you look at you as if you are some very important people in this world or celebrities? May be if you have attire malfunction or people make fun of you by sticking paper saying you are a turtle or wadsoever, they would probably staring at you. Well i had that experience when i was in Berat, Albania.

We were like near extinct spesies walking on the streets of Berat. After spending some time in Berat, we figured out why they stared at us. We were the only 2 asians in Berat. may be for some of them we were the first young asian in Berat. Well tourist who comes to Berat are most probably those hardcore travellers with backpacks. Most of them are Europeans or Americans. Asian travellers are rare. if there are, there is a big posibility that they are Japanese or Korean who are in their middle age and can afford trips like this.

Here in Berat, they have an event every night where the local people would gather on a particular street at a particular period of time. the event is called Giro or Jiro (i am not sure). it somehow reminded me of pasar malam in Malaysia but without stalls. when the time came, the street was crowded with people in proper nice attire. i guess this is an event for the people to get to know each other and for the guys to tackle gals. Well when you are in a country where the people don't speak any language that you know, you just have to keep guessing about the things going on around us. But we confirmed with local people here nad they were very friendly and kind to explain everything to us eventhough their English was not good.

Language is indeed a barrier here in Berat, but that doesn't mean you should not try understand the people here. They are surprisingly kind and friendly. At the beginning,i had difficulties understand their facial expressions and hand gestures. Tim, on the other hand, was really good at understanding them. But i managed to keep up after a while.

Have you ever tried sitting somewhere on the street waiting for other people to come to you to talk to you? Well if you are living in Germany, most probably that won't be happening and you might just end up sitting there all day long alone. Tim and I decided to try our luck for the way people have been looking at us so far. We sat on a busy street in Berat to see how the locals would react. Some said hi, some looked at while walking past us, some looked at us again even though they have walked past us. Some asked me to take pictures for them. Not very often they could see tourist with big camera. So i took a couple of pictures of them. At first they were very shy in front of camera, their shyness was shown by them covering thier faces but after some persuasions they posed and smiled to my camera. It was a whole new experience for me to take pictures of people instead of buildings during the trip.

if you travel in small group(max 2 person), you would have different experience which on no account you would have if you travel in big group. People aren't so affraid of you if you are in small group. Therefore they would approach you and talk to you. Trip like this is the trip that gives you the chance to blend yourself into the local culture and learn more about the people. That made a big difference to my trip. Travelling is not just about being at a place and taking some photos to prove that sometime in the past i was there.

Another thing i like about Albania is the food here. Well the food here was not really special, but the food here was really cheap. With 5 euro you can fill your stomach to the fullest with 3 course meal with lamb or steak as main course and beer.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Today is 6th September. Summer holiday ends in 3 weeks. I have been working at Asia Wok as waiter for one month. I hope this week will be my last week working there. Working life of a waiter in Asia Wok is never fun. Mundane is the word to describe my job. if i were to count the frequency of saying "Guten Apetite" and "Schonen Tag noch", i think it would be at least 30 times. At the beginning, i have always said them with passion and a very sincere smile. At time goes, the passion is slowly vanishing. What is left is no more a sincere but a forced smile to the customer.

Sometimes I would wonder how the people who have to work like this for their whole life could bear with the mundane working routine such as this. Perhaps my shoulders are still free from any burden that involves people whom I care about. Every evening after working, they go back home and awaiting them at home are children and wife or old aged parents who gives them reason to continue working despite of the mundane routine and spare them from misery. For a single man who has nothing but himself here in Germany, what keep me moving forward? I would say the word which starts with M, not Michelle, not Megan, not May, not Mary. It makes my life more interesting and I could afford the stuffs on my wish list.

When you make money as your purpose in life, you are in the same group of people who worship money. I would say it is pathetic actually. And that makes me a pathetic person. I know it is wrong to worship money or in my case to make money as one of my purposes of life. I dare anybody to say whatever they do now has nothing to do with money. If you are a student, you need money to pay semester fee. If you are a father, you need money to feed your children. If you are a politician, the reason of being one is to get money, either legally or illegally. If you are church leader, you need financial support to grow your church. This is how the present world runs. It revolves around the M word.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010


been working on my Flickr account recently. Eversince i came back from the trip, i have been working at asian restaurant and editting 1000++ pictures that i had taken during the Balkan trip. and up until now i could say i finished editting 60% of the pictures. Well i have been uploading some of my pictures on Flickr. I recently bought a pro Flickr account so that i have unlimited photo uploads.

Last weekend i worked as a photographer at a party and i met a guy who is working at Bosch. He told me something which really struck me, like i was shot at point blank range. He told be hobby is hobby and instead of spending too much time on doing the stuffs that i like, i should concentrate more on my future, how to get good result, get a good job and so on. I have been thinking about what he told me intensively. what he said might be true but the question should be like this, how my life would be without doing something that i like to keep me going and stay on the track?

If you are interested to have a look at my pictures, visit my Flickr Photostream. (Click here) because i have too many pictures and i doubt that i will post all in my blog. but of course i will write something about my trip. I bought a notebook and wrote down my experience in it throughout the journey. i am looking forward to tell readers of my blog about my trip.

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Saturday, 10 July 2010

A conversation on risk.. it inspires

I found these videos when i was reading Chase Jarvis's blog. Listen to wad they have to say and it's really inspiring. It's about how to take risk and deal with it in life and how people grow up from it.. it has inspired me and i hope they inspire you too. Life is not as bad as you think. like my best friend said to me, if you were given a lemon, just make lemonade out of it... here comes a stupid question that i asked her back.. what if you were given a small rock, immediately she answered:" eat the rock and it will come out together with shit.. eh.. not funny? yeah.. i think its not a joke. it's just a random answer given by an annoyed friend to a very stupid question asked by a very annoying person, well which is me. wad would you answer, if i ask you that. you were given a rock, worthless piece of rock, something which is so solid, that you can't change or make anything out of it?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

45 Degree Celcius Fever

The roads were empty. Normally at this hour the streets would be filled with cars. Most of the German were watching football match between Germany and Ghana live from South Africa. Everytime whenever the German football team plays, the whole Germany stops. Shops, streets, roads would be very empty. Most of the Germans would probably be sitting on couch, drinking beer and watching the German football team play. I really respect them for being so patriotic, supportive towards their national football team and so united.

Ghana was beaten by Germany 1-0, beautifully scored by young talented footballer Mesut Özil. This is how the Germans celebrate their victory, out on the streets and roads honking, shouting and cheering with their national flag held high. The honking could last 1-2 hours. no kidding. Right now while i am writing this, the match ended one hour ago, and since then the honking never stops and still goes on.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Summer Adventure

I have decided not to go back Malaysia this summer and travel instead. So very soon after the exam i will embark on a 15-day-journey starting from Athen and all the way to Sofia in Bulgaria. as you can see from the map above. To finance my trip, i am working part time in a vietnamese restaurant during summer. In fact i have ad started working last weekend. The feeling of spending my own hard earned money was fantastic. I can buy stuffs without guilt for spending taxpayer's money... Awesomeeeee!! But first i have exams to worry about. sigh....

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wad a Mess!

I know by publishing this picture, this is how my room looks like now. I am putting my reputation at risk. but whatever. Privacy in this matter is not so important, at least to me. oh ya one more thing, i know it's very random.. an idea came across my mind just now. to all my 5.0 classmates, i plan to have a photoshoot for 5.0 next year Feb during chinese new year. i think by next year i should have enough equipments and knowledge to have an small studio photoshooting. but dun expect too much from me. cos i am still new to studio photoshooting too. if you have faith in me and you are interested, let me know.

p/s: i dunno how many of my ex classmates actually read my blog... ooppss my laptop looks cacat in the picture. 3 pictures combined into one. i should have taken more pictures.. oh well its good enough i think.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

!@#$%^&* :-(

Everday we make decisions.
to eat or not to eat,
to buy or not to buy,
to go or not to go.
not matter big or small the decision is,
we still have to think before we decide.

There is time when you would find yourself standing at a crossroad and you think so intensively. You still have no idea which path to take, because at the first place you have no idea where you want to go and what you want.

So how can you choose which path to take without knowing the destination. You might say.. simply choose one.. Anyone will do. For insignificant things like wad to eat for lunch, ya that works; Sometimes its even better and saves time, but for a lifetime decision which there is no turning back, I wish i could just close my eyes and ding dong diang (simply choose one). but i couldn't. It's like walking on the road blindfolded without knowing what I might get into..

Now i am exactly at a crossroad. Four paths lay ahead of me, and i have no f***ing idea which to take or may be i shouldn't have chosen to study automotive engineering at the first place.

Fickle I admit I am. No one i have ever found who is as fickle as me. That's f***ing true.

i think the time will come when i have to hand in the form and you know wad...i will do the same thing again like i did when i applied for my course in Germany.

Making decision is f***ing hard.

P/S: I just could find any adverb better than f***ing in this case. seriously.
You know why people use f*** so frequent bacause their vocabulary is limited. By saying this i also mean myself. yes but i don't mind. it is so f***ing not important right now, compared to situation i am in right now....

Saturday, 29 May 2010


I have a lot of things in my mind for the past one week and I want to write them all down. Both my hands are ready on the keyboard but the fingers stay still. Perhaps I know if i do, the post would become a post of me ranting about dissatisfactions and problems in life. Ya true, i always do that especially when i just started blogging.

At the time when i first started writing blog, I was in a whole new stage in my life and new environment. I had a hard time dealing with the changes in life, cultural shock, language barrier and being independent. So i blogged to channel all my feeling to this blog. If you were to ask me to once again read back the old posts, i would ask myself why did i let myself publish these kind of stuffs, what the heck was I thinking back then! So childish, so naive! ya it's darn true. it's like you read back the essays you wrote in primary school. You would laugh for sure, right? but it shows that you have improved. That's a good thing, isn't it? Human makes mistake because we are imperfect. we all did mistakes. What is important is that we learn from the mistakes and don't repeat them. The imperfection within us is what makes us... us.

Suddenly i recall a quote sent by a good old friend of mine long time ago to encourage me.

From Criminal Minds "Out of the sufferings emerges a stronger soul; the strongest soul has the biggest scar seared on it." by Khalil Gibran.

Saturday, 22 May 2010


Sunday, 2 May 2010

Project Aqua Splash

The past weekend has been again and again a waste of time from academical perspective. Sunday is coming to an end but Friday seems like yesterday. I feel guilty. Week after weeks I have the same feeling on sunday evening bacause i would ask myself what have I done in weekend and what I have promised myself to do in weekend. I wish weekend could have been longer as time seemed not enough for me to do my stuffs.

I did a small studio project to take pictures of water spash. i managed to get Kah Aik to help me in this project. It took place in a very small room of mine at Berlinerstr. Without transmitter Icould only mount my flashgun on my camera, meaning the direction of light from the flash was fixed. besides that i also bought a few photo cardboard paper of different colours for the background. The most important thing in this project, which i din have, was the 'thing' to make water droplets. From what billy has showed me, i used a water filled plastic bag with a tiny hole at the bottom of it. that wasn't a good idea actually because the water droplets could not be controlled and it could be very very tedious and tiring as well, for Kah Aik in this case. the best thing i should have had was a burette-like-device or burette. So without it i would have to improvise by using whatever i had aound me. Taking pictures under this circumstance, the result was not great, but it was not too bad actually. I could still get some nice shots like 10 out of 200 shots. Come on that wasn't that bad right!

the setting for the shoot.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


ARBEIT MACHT FREI means work makes you free or one grants liberty by working. It's a well-known slogan that was placed at the entrance of Nazi concentration camp. During Easter Holiday, i visited one concentration camp in Germany in Dachau, nearby Munich. "Dachau Konzentrationslager" was the first concentration camp establised in Germany in 1933. There are a lot of concentration camps all over Europe. Well you dun have to visit all the camps. but if you happen to be in Europe and you have the chance to go to such camps, i think you should not miss it, because travelling in my opinion is not about sight-seeing, or looking only at the good side but also the history and the so called dark side of the places.

For more pictures of the Dachau Concentration Camp, visit my flickr album.

Over its twelve years as a concentration camp, the Dachau administration recorded the intake of 206,206 prisoners and 31,951 deaths.

Source: Wikipedia.

Monday, 29 March 2010





Saturday, 27 March 2010


What i like about this particular picture is the lines and the windows that converge towards that lady. who was walking down the stairs.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Rojak feelings

Today i had dinner with seniors. Today the weather was cold. I said the jacket i wore was rather not thick enough for such weather. One of the seniors replied by saying i am not wearing wrong jacket but being in wrong country. Not just me. a lot of people have been asking the very question that i have asked myself umpteen times. Why am i here in Germany? The answer to that question i have already known long time ago. I was naive back then to think that studying abroad and learning a foreign language would be very fun. however, i never regret for that decision.

People tend to forget as time goes by. It;s not a bad thing that people forget. Sometimes forgeting something or someone is a good solution to not remember the pain that has ripped your heart apart before.

9th March. 3 years have passed. What's left are the memories that were immortalized by photos and videos from the past, taken when he was still there with us. He was indeed a good friend.

Today is my first day of my 3rd semester. happy? not really.. sad? not much a bit but i feel sad all the time.. rarely i feel excited here in Germany. Lonely? very. some of friends didn't make it through to 3rd semester. Suicidal? yeah a bit. wad else can you think if you woke up, checked your facebook and found out that you were tagged in a video about killing everyone you know.. and last but not least.. disgusted? yes totally.. because Yi En said he loves me!!!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010






Monday, 1 March 2010

counting days

Time accelerates when you want to have more time; Time creeps when you want the clock to tick faster. One month winter holiday is coming to an end and yeah i have enjoyed myself to the fullest at home. My right schedule for holiday activities started a few hours after i got off the plane and now i can finally sit back and relax in the last week of my winter holiday in Malaysia.

I could still remember vividly the excitement i had one year ago before i took the flight to Germany. I could wait to step my foot on German soil. Right now, one year after that, i wish i could stay, on Malaysian soil. The reluctance to bid goodbye to my parents who have done so many things for me and with me not only for the past one month, but for the past 21 years intensifies as 9th March gets near.

To be frank, studying in Germany is not really that fun. As an outsider, you might think that being able to further studies in oversea is something great, something to be proud of. A lot of my friends said to me that i am so lucky and i must have been enjoying my life there in Germany. Well my friends, the experience of being in oversea for a long time is very precious and good for self development and growing up, but to be honest, fun is never the word to describe it. I am not saying that studying abroad should not be encouraged, but a person will have to be strong to face more challenges and hurdles that will make your every steps difficult and be prepared to suffer the consequences of every decision that you make.

The way people think in other countries might not be the same as the way people think in Malaysia. There are things that you think are appropriate to do but for them it is a big mistake or cheating. This is how we learn things,you learn either from the mistakes that you yourself make, or the mistake that other people make.

Monday, 22 February 2010


I personally don't really like Vienna that much. The wind was strong and cold . when i say strong I mean really really strong like Hercules that kind of strong! Bad example i know. pardon me for my wrong usage of words. When I was standing at the middle of the road, the wind blew from my left and I actually moved a few steps to the right.

nlike Malaysia where shops are open as usual on public holidays, in Europe almost all the shops are closed during public holidays. It was a bit troublesome to find food.. but surprisingly Christmas market was still on going on Christmas eve. i think it's for the sake of earning foreigner's money.. nevertheless if you have the chance to travel in German speaking countries like Germany and Austria, do visit the Christmas markets there.. drink some Glühwein to help keeping your body warm..

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Sunset in Oia, Santorini
我们一生中总是离不开与朋友亲人分离的情节。十八岁前的我还是生活在父母亲的被窝里不怎么了解看着在我们生活扮演着重要角色的人离去的感觉。 对现在的我来说,这种感觉一点都不陌生。数一数,我离乡背井念书已经有四年多。那么多年过去了,我已经习惯别人离我而去的感觉,经历多了有时候我也麻木了,比以前看开了许多。

当一个人不在你身边太久,你是否会随着光阴的流去而慢慢地忘记有他/她在你的生活的感觉。刚开始可能你会觉得有点不习惯,总觉得生活好象缺少了某种东西。日子久了,你就会开始习惯没有他/她的生活。我的哥哥在我form 2 的时候就到吉隆坡念书,九个月后便到日本去继续深造。一去就去了五,六年。现在他还是在日本念书。以前还会很想念与他一起生活,有吵有闹,有欢有喜,现在偶尔只会想一想。我俩都长大了,在一起的时间也不长,关系也随着时间的过去而变生疏了。




ps: cham lo! 我的华语越来越差料! 不要见怪!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

One year in GERMANY

Time flies seriously macam (like) rocket. (very cliche i know but it's darn true) perhaps it's because i am having almost the same routine every day in my life for the past one year. It has been one year ever since i first stepped my foot on the German soil. Our seniors are going for practical training soon while the juniors have just arrived in Germany having their preparation course now. So many things have changed in one year and in this world things are changing rapidly.

Looking back at the things that i have achieved in Germany so far, I feel utterly disappointed with myself for the poor result i have got. Other than that, there was once i felt really down and emotionally compromised after i had an unintended confrontation with my lecturer. Every word he said to me was like the songs in the playlist. they kept repeating and repeating in my mind to an extent of having the intention to just stab myself right into my chest with a knife just to end everything. No kidding. But as you can see, i am writing this to tell you, that means i am still alive and walking.. Well, it wasn't that bad after all after i met him for 2nd to apologize to my lecturer and he even asked for my name. I am not sure whether it's a good thing but he remembers me, at least. I learned my lesson very well through the confrontation. Well what happened in the past stay in the past and it's ad over. I shall look at the bright side and work really hard next semester.

Thursday, 28 January 2010


'Be Brave..'
'Be Strong..'
'Look at the bright side...'

i know.. but sometimes letting go is the hardest thing to do..

Miss you dear.. badly

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Vienna plus some thoughts of mine

A friend of mine said to me that using a less than Rm3K compact camera is never easy to impress a mighty photographer who owns a Rm3K Canon DSLR(he insinuated me who happens to be tagged in his pictures in facebook and own a canon 500d, perhaps with a little bit of sarcasm by saying a mighty photographer).

Having a dslr is something really common nowadays, common not as in there is a dslr in every household. What i mean is that dslr camera is no more camera only used by professional photographer. Some people have a dslr because they really have strong interest in photography. Some people just simply like the feeling of having a dslr hanging around their neck, in other words having a big cardboard hanging around the neck and written on the card board "i am rich cos i can afford a dslr" Frankly speaking, having a 500g camera hanging around the neck might make you look cool and it serves as a status symbol, but it is never comfortable.

If you compare the quality of the pictures taken using dslr and compact digital camera, no doubt that dslr's, under the same circumstances, are better. But one can take a good picture using a digital camera too. It just depends on your definition of a good picture. I myself am a dslr camera user and I can say that not all my pictures are good. Since I got my camera, I have taken countless of shitty pictures, shitty not just as in angle not good, underexposed or overexposed, the subjects not in focus bla bla bla, but as in soulless and lack of stories to tell.

Mr B told me yesterday that you have think yourself as the person who looks at the things or scenery that you are looking when you take pictures, not as a photographer; It's about what can the person tell from the pictures.

Like what Chase Jarvis says, the best camera is the one with you. Just use whatever you have to take pictures. It doesn't have to canon 500D, nikon D90. it can be a 6.0MP compact camera or 2.0 MP camera phone.

watch the following video from Chase Jarvis.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Great Market Hall

It's hard not to resist yourself from not doing something you want to do so much as you have other things which are clearly more important to do. it's like resisting the desire to buy something that you want so much (for me lenses) and you do have money in your bank account, but you have to use the money to survive in coming months. Well, we are living in a world full of desires and it all depends on ourselves how well we can cope with the desires and resist them.

I have been telling myself that i should start preparing for the coming end of semester exam. but i am feeling reluctant to even flip through my books... My mind would somehow automatically blocked itself from absorbing any knowledge when it is in German.

oh boy oh boy! What has the great Market Hall to do with what i am writing here!! too lazy to even create a new post.. -tsktsk -shakehead-