Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I have edited this picture for umpteen times. The previous version which i think was 'over-edited'. Having traveled with three of them was fun and I have done things which i never have done before in my life- being unusual William. What is usual William? no alcohol may be.. no cigarettes.. talk about books and facts.. not crazy..being serious all the time.. yeah may be that's usual William. I told one of my friend that i used to have an account in ICQ and my nickname was badboy.. guess what was his reaction! He laughed every single time he mentioned about it in front of others.. Is it so hard to imagine me as a badboy? ha!

my fellow 2ndary school friends, wad you think?

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Budapest 2009

Budapest is a beautiful city, perhaps the best city in Europe i have visited so far and if i have the chance i would like to visit Budapest with my girlfriend. One of the reasons that i fell in love with Budapest are the beautiful scenery at night. If you are into photography, tripod is one thing that should have with you all the time during your trip or if you are lazy to carry bulky tripod around, perhaps you might be able to find a bench or table to put your camera if you are lucky. Otherwise forget about taking nice sharp pictures at night.

unlike any other trips i had so far, i couch-surfed with Timothy and we stayed with a Hungarian for one night. His name is Maty. He told us a lot about history of Hungary, food eg Hungarian pickles and alcohol eg Palinka and Jägermeister like Unikum. Palinka is a traditional Hungarian fruit Brandy. I bought a 40ml Palinka and 100ml Unikum. Personally i dun like Unikum because it's made out of herbs.. not my type of alcohol i would say.

Things that you can do in Budapest(From my experience):
1. Sightseeing. just grab a map and navigate yourself around the city.
2. Visit the Great market Hall.
3. Pamper yourself at Gellért Bath. Thermal bath for 3800HUF (14Euro)
4. have your lunch or dinner at Restaurant Menza. This restaurant is highly recommended by the author of Lonely Planet and almost every tourist that walk in has Lonely Planet. The food there is quite nice, the service of the waiter and waitress is good and they are well coordinated (the waitresses are pretty!). For more information, click here.
5. Try some of Palinka.
6. Buy some chocolate with cheese filling at any supermarket or RELAY. Those chocolates are kept under refrigeration.

I climbed all the way up the Gellért Hill to have bird's eye view of the city. Having conquered Mountain Kinabalu (haha. not really actually) makes climbing any other small hills like eating nuts.. there are buses going up to the hill but i would rather climb than paying for the ticket.

The great market hall in Budapest is one of the nice places you should not miss. There are 3 floors. Upstairs are all those shops which sell handicrafts and foods, while on the ground floor are the stalls selling all kind of meats and vegetable. Well the first time i went to the market, i din notice that there are more shops underground. I know about it only after Maty brought us there. do not expect to have directories in market...At the underground level, there are many stalls selling pickles. The pickles all looked the same to me, the difference, according to Maty, is that the stalls are owned by different families. and the taste might differ from each other.

Talking about the public transport, overall the public transport is quite good. Even though the trains and the buses are quite old, they have time table and most importantly they DO follow the time table. Unlike KTM and Rapid KL buses. However you might end up buying a lot of tickets from go from A to B if you need to change from bus to metro or tram. One ticket costs 300HUF (about 1.20 Euro) or 250 HUF for journey not further than 3 stops. One ticket is only valid for one type of public transport. if you want to change from metro to bus, you will have to buy 2 tickets (600HUF). There is no difference if your destination is four stations away or 10 stations away. The price is same.

This trip was my first time traveling with my dslr.. I really find it very tedious to walking around with big camera and tripod around. Nevertheless it was fun looking at the world through viewfinder.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Signing in, from Bratislava

currently in Bratislava, Slovakia.
just drank 2 shots of Becherovka and one shot of Absint
feeling a bit dizzy now..

have taken a lot of pictures during in Vienna and Bratislava..
tomorrow will be going to Budapest...

Merry Chrismast and Happy New Year.
Frohe Weihnachten...
Belated wish from me in Bratislava, Slovakia

William, 26.12.2009, Bratislava