Monday, 31 August 2009

Heilbron Summer 2009

Spent 2 weeks in Heilbron for German Language Course which was sponsored by InWENT. the German Course was a bit mundane actually. Perhaps having to see the same teacher every weekdays from 9.45am to 3.00am was too boring and her monotonous voice and traditional teaching method failed to gain my concentration. Except the presentation and the group discussion session, others i find rather useless and boring. Well the fun part was of course the after-class-activities, we spent time hanging around in City Center of Heilbron eating really nice ice cream and food.

Patricia was willing to lend me her camera so i took some pictures using her camera.

you know how many scoops are there, the middle one which was mine? 2 scoops!! and it cost only 1.40 Euro!!! In Esslingen (my place) it is like 6 scoops and it would cost me one Euro per scoop. i couldn't finish my ice cream because it was too much and i was really full...

Freundshaftsbecher! it was damn big and recommended for 4-5 persons. and again they couldn't finish the ice cream as well

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Life's Brief Candle by William definitely not Shakespear

My life had been perfect
until i was whizzed into an unknown place.
I see nothing but darkness.
the nothingness in the dark lures the fear out of me.
my mind is so confused
and filled with hundreds or may be thousands of question marks
but i see nothing around me that can satisfy my curiosity.
then i start to ask myself:
Is this what they call
the stop before the end of everything?
the crossover from life to death?

Am i already dead?

If my guess is correct..
No! No! my guess is not correct!
my life is too brief to be ended so soon.
I have plenty to do and i know i could have done more!

Why! The Creator, why!
Where are you when everything's gone wrong!
Why do You bring me to this world
With a lifespan as brief as a candle..
Without your realization i was created
with a time bomb planted deep inside me
which would explode when the time is right.

It ain't fair not only for me
but also for those who have really believed in me
and have had faith in creation of yours and thus
spent a fortune for your creation that you take no responsibility.

For the past 2 years,
i had a really great time with him.
i was very well taken care of
and i still look as good as new.
Schade! that it's only the outer appearance.
what's left is just a piece or worthless junk inside my body
and a broken heart of someone whom i spent most of my life time with.
without him my life would have been even shorter than i could imagine.

I pity him
for what he has gone through getting me.
I pity him
for his lack of buying instinct and wrong choice he made.
I pity him
for he trusted the creator and the trouble he has been through so far.

if my guess is correct and this is the end of my life,
i just wanna say thank you to him for everything he has done to me.
the only thing that i am not regretful is having him as my companion.
with that i can walk towards the end with my head held high!

if you are wondering what the hell i am talking about... well that's me- HP tx1005au! hehe
(William: i wrote this for self-reassurance.. so that i don't feel so sad.. haih. Schade)