Saturday, 18 July 2009

La Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, Madrid

Bullring-La Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, Madrid-There is no better time to travel in Madrid than in May and Jun as the world renown San Isidro bullfights festival takes place in Plaza de Toros during these 2 months, which you on no account should miss if you are not a ardent animal lover. during the festival, there are bullfights every day for 20 days and all the bullfighters who perform during this festival are the best fighters in Spain. The tickets during this festival are difficult to get as they will be sold out almost immediately as soon as they are released. But we managed to buy "black" tickets which cost 200% more than the normal price.

i din manage to take any close shots cos i was sitting at the last row on the highest level of the bullring. so the bulls and the fighters were only as big as ants. So with my 3x optical zoom Canon 980IS, i came out with these pictures.
the entrance of the bullring. the weather was scorching hot that day!!

Bull fighter in action. the pictures are blurry cos i used digital zoom.. it was tiring to chase after the bull with my camera.

when the bull is out of control, the fighters would hide behind that wooden wall. look at the red yellow sticks on the bull, those sticks with hooks are used to weaken the bull by letting the bull bleed slowly. those fighters with pink cape appear before the matador (hero of the show) with red cape to allow the matador to observe the bull's behavior.

at the end, the bull was worn out and killed by the matador using his sword. killing animal for entertainment purposes... that's the reason bullfights are banned in many countries. but not in Spain..