Wednesday, 20 May 2009

13th Horoscope?

Can someone tell me whether it is true that there are now 13 horoscopes now?
i read from internet saying that there is a new horoscope called Ophiuchus 蛇夫座 also known as Serpentarius or serpent holder.....

huh now my horoscope is not Cancer, but Gemini!!!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Realization that came late

Today when i was walking back to my class from toilet,
I saw a mum standing at the door step of the classroom next to mine
She was an Asian, most probably a Chinese
it looked like she was finding someone,
perhaps her son or daughter amidst Germans
For what reason i had no idea.
It was not something very special
but somehow it attracted my attention
It reminded me of my mum

When I was in primary school,
very often I left my books at home
and I forgot to bring
I would be very scared because I would be punished
More precisely I might get caned by teacher
so I would call my mum right away using the public phone in my school compound
and ask her to bring the books to school for me
very often I would get scolded
I knew I deserved it
but most of the time
she would drag herself out of the bed
put on her jeans and jacket
get on the 9841
and bring the books to me
despite the coldness

in about 20 minutes she would reach school and give me the books
the anxiousness would be vanished into thin air
when i saw her entering the school gate with the books i wanted
I would be super super happy
because i would be spared from being canned or scolded by teachers
one thing i never realized until now is that
i never really appreciated what she did to me at that time
because the feeling of being spared from the fearful caning
got better of me.

Perhaps the realization came late
but it's never too late to say 'thank you' to my mum
and lastly Happy Mother's Day

Monday, 4 May 2009


He sits at the corner of his room
lit only by solitary table lamp;
right in front of him
leaning against the wall
is two-feet-tall mirror
he stares at image of himself in the mirror
in disbelief, smirking
that image of his
so familiar yet so unrecognizable

He smells of cigarettes
He smells of alcohol
and lipstick marks on his collar and neck
whether he is drunk,
whether he is still conscious
whether he is aware of what he did
no one knows but him

He has changed
because he has always wanted to change
because he is no more a teenager
but a grown-up
who is independent from family
who can make decision for himself
who has the freedom of doing anything at will
without restraints from anybody but himself

He has changed
so sudden and without his realization
of the person he has became
He has longed to be a grown-up
and finally he has become one
but is that what he has always wanted?
Is the life he is having now
the life he has always longed for?

No one knows
but himself
he had the choice
to be the person he wanted to be
and he has taken the path that he had chosen
no one could say that
the choice he has made was wrong
because it is not our right to judge
who are we to judge others,
as we are all human being
and human being make mistakes
as we also want to be the person
we want to be.
10 years later
when he rewinds his life
back to 10 years before
he might feel no regrets
even though others think he is a jerk,
as he has enjoyed to the fullest;
or he might feel ashamed of himself
as that was the darkest time of his,
that he tried to erase from his memory
as if that never happened in his life.
No one knows for sure
the consequences of the decision made
Perhaps he would still be a successful person
a responsible employee or employer
a dedicate husband and caring father

while on the other hand those who think they will be successful
as they has been a good and well mannered person
and saying no to alcohol and cigarette handed to them
they might end up being not successful.

From time to time
people change
because of realization
and lesson learned throughout their life
and also the consequences of decision they have made.