Thursday, 30 April 2009

April 2009

Today is the last day of April. Tomorrow is Labour Day and it means holiday! Oh yeaaah! I still couldn't believe that I have been in Germany for almost four months. It's a bit cliché but time really flies since the day I stepped my feet on a foreign country for the first time in my life.

This week I felt reluctant to get out of my bed because of the cold weather in the morning. Average temperature in the morning is 5-8 degree Celsius! So it would be very nice to ignore the annoying alarm and stay in the bed. I thought that the weather is going to get warmer and I start buying T shirts for summer. But then the weather is cold again after 2 weeks of 20 degree Celsius nice weather. People have to put their jacket back on because of the coldness. Of course for the guys it is not good news but a big disappointment because the girls won’t be sun bathing out there in the park.

Having a nice cheap home-made ice cream and enjoying it while having a stroll in the park or on the way back to hostel during sunny days is quite an indulgence for me after class. Whenever the sun shines brightly, you will see a lot of people standing in queue buying ice-cream, especially children and even adults. Very often you will see some children buying just half a scoop of ice-cream which costs only 50cents.

Ever since my semester started, life is getting more mundane. The excitement of being in foreign country and having the opportunity that others don't is fading. My full concentration I put it on my studies, which is the utmost important thing in my life right now.

Well there was once an acquaintance of mine ask me what is my purpose of life. Well at that moment the only answer that came across my mind is my academic achievement. I told him that even though I know very well what I actually want in life. My purpose of life is never about getting good result or in other words after I finish bachelor I can die ad as my purpose of life is fulfilled. What I really want the most in my life is to be responsible to myself and my present and future family. I never thought about the life after death. For me that's too abstract to think about. The same goes to believing in god. In my opinion, nowadays most of the believers tend to go to god or even think of god only when they are in trouble or when they need help. No doubt that god will always be there for us whenever we need His help and spiritual support. But we should also share our delightful happenings in our life with Him too.


Photo of the week

Every week I have technical drawing and construction assignments to hand in. They will be evaluated and I need to get passed for all the assignments to get my license. Well it’s not easy to draw since usage of rule is theoretically not allowed. Everything has to be drawn free hand.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Easter Holiday Chapter 1

It's spring! The coldest winter in 30 years in Germany has finally ended. The sun is shining brightly and the flowers are blooming everywhere. The dull gray gloomy Germany has now become more colourful and lively after winter. Likewise, the people are more friendly. They prefer to be in outdoor than in indoor. People here especially students in my school like to stand under the sun rather than the shades eating ice cream, chatting, smoking, reading books and sun bathing and etc. That's something Malaysian will never ever do.

Last weekend i decided to spend my Easter holiday traveling around with my friends in Strasbourg, France. oh well, all of them are gals, Yeap one torn among roses or you can call gals day out haha i dun care! Some of the guys went to Europa Park near Freiburg and some travel in Switzerland.

For the first time in my life i had the feeling of being a tourist. Even though i had traveled a lot in Germany but those trips were not the same as this because i know that i will be staying in Germany for years. So i have to keep learning and adapt myself in Germany. So I see Germany as my second home and i dun really have the feeling when i traveled in Germany. or may be i was really tired when i first came to Germany so i din really enjoy much.

My trip to Strasbourg ain't that adventurous. We din get lost or encounter any special incidents. The people here were friendly to us. i think that's because we were tourists. living at the border of Germany and France, some of the people here can speak German. so when you wanna buy ice cream or anything else, you can use German or English.

Strasbourg is near the border of France and Germany and it is just 30 minutes train ride from Offenburg to Strasbourg. The ticket (EUROPASS) is 7.50 Euro for a Single Tageskarte meaning you can use the ticket for trains in Strasbourg as well for whole day or 11 Euro for 2 persons Tageskarte. When you are in oversea, never ever convert the currency because you might end up buying nothing or starving. So if you are interested to travel in Strasbourg, my advice is learn some important French words for example Train Station Gare. i have electronic dictionary so it's not a big problem for me. after you arrive at the train station in Strasbourg, go buy a map which costs 1 Euro at the tourist center near the exit Sortie of the train station. the map is available in German, English and French and i think Chinese.. not sure. With the map in your hand, you shouldn't have any problem navigating your way in City Center of Strasbourg. The roads aren't confusing cos like the roads in most of the city centers in Germany, they are built parallel to each other.
Gare de Strasbourg. the architecture of the building is quite astonishing cos i have never expected to see the old train station covered by modern glassy architecture the moment i walked out from the exit of the old train station. From outside it looks quite similar to the Bird Nest in Beijing. I have no idea what is the purpose of covering the old building with glass. to protect it i guess or just to make it look cool..

Cathedral Notre Dame in Strasbourg Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Strasbourg,. There is another Notre Dame which is in Paris... Well the cathedral is not hard to find at all since it is the tallest building here. When i first saw this cathedral, i was amazed by the Roman Gothic architecture for its height and also the impeccably crafted statues, windows and gates. The cathedral is so gigantic that standing beside it makes me feel so tiny.

inside the Cathedral. There are people inside most of them were tourists like me and some were busy preparing for the easter mass at the altar.

18 metre astronomical clock which can determine the date of Easter.

Rose Window

Rose Window from outside

The sixth tallest cathedral in the world.

Place de la Cathédrale. A place in front of the cathedral.

La Maison Kammerzell. it was the most beautiful house in Strasbourg.

we sat at the river bank and wave our hand and they did wave back to us.. haha luckily they did.. if not we would have looked like so hai.. oh i dunno how much it costs. cos i dun have the opportunity to have a boat ride along the Rhein river.. i think it must be costly.. so we rather walked..

La Place Gutenberg

In front of the train station.. if you want to lie or sit on the grass.. beware of poop..

Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Holiday Prologue

Trip to Strasbourg was like a dream comes true

First time ever, so relaxed and enjoyed i felt
Walking around in city centre of Strasbourg
Visiting Cathedral Notre Dame
Eating hot waffle with blackforest ice cream
Drinking Tequila Sunrise in Cayote
Cycling around in Karlruhe and Offenburg
Being away from homework, frustrations and worries

Every moment in Offenburg and Strasbourg i treasure
Except the snoring that deprived me of a good sleep

Sunday, 5 April 2009


Studieren macht wach! (Study makes you stay awake.)
HANUTA has become my favorite snack!

i have a lot of stuffs to blog about but Schade! i dun have much time cos last week i was indeed busy with homework. especially Technical Drawing. I have to be able to imagine the object and draw the object from different perspectives and also in 3D. So it is utterly time consuming if i really want to draw it nicely. other than that i have darstellende Geometrie (descriptive geometry) as well.

basically i need to draw also and at the same time i need to calculate the angle and the points where the lines cut the specific surfaces. besides that i take mathematics very seriously now cos the way the question asked in Germany is different compared to in Malaysia. Mathematics requires understanding and explanation or conclusion made using the answer.. answer itself is not enough anymore. I spend a lot of time to understand what have been taught and do all the exercise given even though no answer is given. Well doing homework when only the answer is given is not the type of coffee i drink.. cos i think the process of doing the questions is way more important than the answer. Knowing the answer before doing the exercise won't boost the confidence.

change topic!! sorry i have to put everything in one post because i dun have time during weekdays to blog. Well i bought a lot of stuffs since i came to Germany, my money in my account getting lesser and lesser and the worse thing is that JPA committed a big mistake by giving us extra money. so now a lot of people dun have enough money until JPA bank in money which will be end of April or beginning of May. luckily i still have some money left after i bought ticket back home in the coming summer holiday. at least enough to make it through one more month.

oh! i bought new phone O2 XDA Diamond. it is a smart phone. haha.. my first 'canggih' phone man! I paid 25EUR per month for the phone and i can call for free to O2 number and fixed line. i have done some calculation. without the phone i need to pay 15Euro per month. so the phone costs about 10EUR per month for 2 years.. so the phone costs 240EUR. My contact number can be found in my window live messenger...

I officially became the member of a sport club last Friday. and i can use all the facility of the club in Esslingen. The member fee is 40Euro for a year. it's cheap.. now i play badminton every Friday. and it's quite sad when you find yourself not as good as other and sometimes very embarrassing. people dun want to play with me cos i am not good.. i just start to play seriously.. and learn how to play. come to think of it, it's quite fun actually, learn how to play badminton. when i was child, i used to play with my bro but then i dun really know how to hit properly.. without any technique.. so now i learn how to control and play properly and hopefully my skill will improves.

Saturday, 4 April 2009


well i think i have written this same problem of mine in my previous post. haha... sorry if it bores you..

I have an outlet where I can get answers and advices. It somehow helps me to think and solve the problems that I face in my life. I think everyone needs to have their own outlet. An outlet can be anything-a person or an activity. For me my outlet is a person who I always talk to when I have problems.

When I have problems, I will always go to him and talk to him. Having someone to listen to what I say helps me a lot to calm myself and find solutions on how to tackle or deal with the problems. Loneliness creeps in and tries to take over me when I am emotional and down. During the process of telling makes me feel better and relieved because somebody is listening to me and I know that at least somebody understands how I feel. Whether the answer is the answer I seek, it doesn’t matter. The willingness to listen and understand is good enough.

Well, I dun think telling the problem that i have with others to somebody is some sort of complain or saying bad things behind somebody’s back, if people think I ruin their image by telling somebody else, well I don’t really know what to say and how to answer if people say that to me. May be Sie haben Recht! (They are right! in a way) but that is never my intention. Because most of the time I only tell what happens on me what people say and do and at the end ask what I should do. (I always think it's my problem and blame myself and then i would send long long message to apologize or something like that even though it might not be entirely my fault)

I myself being a listener would be glad that if somebody opens up to me and share problems with me. I would give my advice how to deal with the problems or if I can’t give a good advice, I would just listen.