Sunday, 29 March 2009

DST... or Summer Time

Damm.. i lost one-hour-time cos of day light saving time.
At 2 a.m. the time was adjusted to 3am!
Normally the time will be adjusted forward one hour at the beginning of spring
and adjusted back during autumn.
Why? so that people would have more time and daylight during day

Thursday, 26 March 2009


I entered the Foreigner Authority office to get the application for my visa.
After filling in the forms, i entered the room to hand in the forms and i din close the door.
After i entered, I din say anything and handed in the form just like that. i thought the woman would have known what i wanted since i had given her the forms and i had been there once to get the form.

Then she said: "Du musst sagen, was du willst." you must say what you want..

shocked but nvm what she said was right, i had to say what i wanted. i was fine with that

then i said: "oh, ich möchte mein Aufenthaltserlaubnis verlängern." oh i would like to extend my visa

Then another woman sitting in front of the previous one said:" hey junger Mann, hast du keine Tur zu Hause? hey young man, do you have door at home?

shocked again for a seconds then

i said: Oh! Tut mir Leid. i am sorry.

then i closed the door.

she said: Danke. Thank you.

i was really shocked for what she said.. finally i have experienced the straightforwardness of the people here, after hearing so much from my lecturers. Straightforwardness which comes with sarcasm. worse! lucky me!

why cant she just say can you pls close the door?

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Thursday, 19 March 2009

too sudden

Sometimes i hear the foreigners speaking German fluently. I would be dreaming of one day...i could be as good as them.

I wonder how long more i have to wait for my dream to finally come true. Nothing just comes to me as i wait, it requires effort to be put in in the mean time. it takes time and requires no doubt patience to handle things happen in the mean time, but somehow I feel stressed sometimes for i am pushing myself too hard just to fit in.

All of a sudden the last Friday morning, i felt so reluctant to get out of my bed to go to Hochschule. I heard voices telling not to go and stay in my bed, but at the end i went. It is still the first week here in esslingen. I thought it would have been a wonderful and exciting beginning but now i feel rather tired of everything that i am being through right now. So lazy to understand the lecturer, so lazy to talk with others, so lazy to make new friends, so lazy to understand German. so lazy to do anything to immerse myself in the society.

I see more and more responsibilities coming. Responsibilities that i have to carry as a grown up for the sake of my future. their arrival is too sudden that i am not quite prepared for it, not yet. Looking all those pictures from the past uploaded by my friends in Facebook, I really miss those days when i was in secondary school with short spiky hair, blue librarian tie, white long sleeves shirt and green pants and my classmates, especially a friend of mine who has supported me and helped me so much, that i felt so guity for not supporting him when he was suffering. Those days all i needed to do was just to get good grades.

Oh well don freak out cos i am being so emo nowadays due to my emo posts packed with problems lately. i am doing fine. i have strong determination and i have good friends here in Germany to face this together. So dont worry about me. this is just another new stage of my life that i have to live on.

Listening to music helps me to write post. i am listening to the music from the movie Changeling. it was good, really good movie. It made me emotional and touched by strong determination and will to search for her son regardless all the hurdles and troubles that she has to go through just to see her son again. the movie is based on the true story of the Wineville Chicken Coop Murder.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

First day in First Sem

The lecture starts today. well it was not that bad after all. i understood about 50% of what the lecturers have taught today, but then still they speak very fast. luckily they taught with aid of diagrams and power point presentation. otherwise i would have been lost in the middle of no where, figuring out what the hell they are talking about. however so far i have only met two of my lecturers. so it is still way too early to make any conclusion that i could understand quite well.

oh well i TRY to practise what i preach so i was being sociable today. I approached people to get to know them and you know what, i try to think positively but somehow some of them are not that friendly or may be not that they are not friendly but they were simply not interested at knowing more about us or may be Malaysia if they dun have anything to ask about us. My lecturer in Reutlingen once told us that we should not stay together in group because we might scare the German off, but they stay in group and scare me off as well haha... that happens in everywhere man not just Esslingen. looking at the bright side, i met some nice friends as well in class, thay are from Iraq, Serbia and Lebanon. but they have been staying here for many many years and they can be considered as Germans.

that is understandable as sometimes they would have to repeat what they said when they are talking to us. It takes time, for us to improve our German and at the same time for them to know us.

oh if you have any tips you wanna share, please tell me k. i will deeply appreciate your tips.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

some updates

the important things i want to tell in this post
Tomorrow is my big day. My semester starts tomorrow. i am studying automotive engineering in Fachhochschule Esslingen (University of Applied Science Esslingen) Lectures will start on Tuesday. after 2 months of aimless and mundane life i underwent, finally my honeymoon has come to an end. now i have something to be busy with. when i have a hectic life, i long for holiday; when i have long holiday, i long for a busy life. human is like that. always long for smth that we dun have. frankly i learnt nothing much for the past 2 months, i went to class but everything which was taught went in one ear, and our from the other. i hope i would be doing ok in Esslingen.


the read-if-you-are-free things that i want to tell in this post

hmmm.. am i prepared?
now i am quite nervous actually and at the same time have unnecessary worries in my mind. sigh. why unnecessary? oh well you know me.. unlike my friends here in Germany, i worry before the problems surface. that's me! even though i have undergone many preparatory courses, i am supposed to be fully prepared for the bachelor course already. however, i can tell that at this moment i am not prepared. not 100% but 50% i guess. for sure the first few weeks of lectures i would sit there and try to understand what the lecturers say. it won't be easy to listen, think and understand in German as the Germans talk very fast and some even use dialect. now i am a little bit regretful for choosing to studying in Germany at the first place.

first attempt to be drunk
oh ya! i was drunk before in a farewell party in Reutlingen.. haha. i drank a lot of alcohol to get drunk until i could barely walk straight and lie on the floor as soon as i reached my room. luckily hanafi help me to get back up and on to my bed..
i am not the person that can just let go myself and have fun. come to think about it, i find myself quite similar with people that my friends dislike. do they dislike me as well? haha.. i just want to be myself. but i dun like myself. i prefer the person i am when i am drunk. i would become more courageous and have fun like the others when i am drunk and i do things that i won't do when i am fully conscious. so whenever i want to let go myself to have fun, the only way is to get myself drunk.

something from the past
well now i remember something! when i was in primary school, i was not brave but very shy. i think i am still. but back then i was chosen by teacher to become class representative. with responsibilities on my shoulder, i had to be brave and settle things on my own and approach people. things that i won't dare to to do if i wasn't class rep. then when i was in form five, i was the secretary of St John, i had to face and approach many people to get the application forms signed and deal with principal and penolong kanan. i was indeed very brave to face people and ask people things when i don't know. but then now, i am a coward. i dun even dare to ask people for directions. i have been giving advices to others to be brave to ask and talk to others. but i don't practise what i preach. that's the problem. may be i should get a gf so that i would become brave.. i am braver in front of girls.

About relationship
well today my friend asked whether i got gf ad. haha.. i wish i have.. and she said how come all guys in 5.0 (my former class)are still available (may be not all but most of us). oh well.. haha.. may be we are nerdy and not romantic kot, or may be we think right now study is more important, or we could have been rejected by girls again and again kot. these are just my assumptions. i dunno. if you happen to be one of the guy in 5.0, dun get offended ok.. may be that happened to me you know, speaking from my own experience. one thing for sure is that if i din get JPA scholarship and i study in local uni, i would have been in relationship long time ago. Long distance relationship is hard to maintain.

Bad and expensive haircut
oh well i had my hair cut in one of the barber shop in Esslingen. i paid 20 Euro and i had a lousy haircut. i look so childish and funny now... ishhhhh i hate it..

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

settled down! Finally

last few days i was busy with my new room, from shifting my stuff from Reutlingen to cleaning and decorating my room. the chores were tiring. Since i have settled down in Esslingen and finally could unpack my luggage after 2 months of so called hotel life, i wanted to buy so many stuffs to decorate my room and make my life more comfortable and my room livable, so i went to IKEA which is quite far away from Esslingen.. when i was back in Malaysia, i always had a thought that the stuff in IKEA was so damm expensive.. but then in Germany the stuffs in IKEA are relatively cheaper than other shops in Esslingen and Stuttgart and all the place i have been to. i bought plates, cooking utensils, laundry bag and hangers.. i wished i had more hands. i could have bought even more like shelf, comforter cover, bolster and small table. too bad i have only two.. haih... oh well looking at the bright side, my student id can be use as ticket to travel within a certain region which includes Ludwigsberg (IKEA) and also Stuttgart.i ad paid for it together with the semester fee.. i can go IKEA or Stuttgart during weekend if i want to.. there is always a but.. but life in Esslingen will be hectic according to many people.