Thursday, 26 February 2009

Fasnetumzug, Rottenberg

Fastnacht, Fasching or Karneval is a festival before the begin of the fasting season which is six weeks before Easter. every year parades will be held where people who join the parade would dress up like witches or monster. acording to my lecturer, the Fastnacht parade in Baden-Württemberg is very traditional where the masks they were wearing, were passed down from one generation to the other. compared to the celebration in north germany, the parades are more to criticizing politicians and having fun.

the parade that i have been to was held in Rottenberg, not too far from the place i am staying right now, Reutlingen. The entrance fee was 3 Euro and you get a badge as souvenier. from what i have seen during the parade, they collect the badges every year and put them on their costumes.

they carried sweets along and either gave them to the crowds or threw to the crowds.

they like to cam-whore.. whenever they saw cameras they would pose in front of the camera..

the kids were waiting for the parade to start..

the crowd gathered in front of the Rathaus (town hall) and also along the route of the parade. but most of the people will be in front of the Rathaus because they could watch some small performance of each contingent.

be careful of what you wish for.. sometime they would take smth away from you or make fun of you, dirty your face.. they are witches, you remember! they are "bad"

or they pretend to give you sweets then they throw on the floor in front of you..
they are "witches" or smth else, you remember! they are "bad"

Classmates from China

Sunday, 22 February 2009





Thursday, 19 February 2009


"Die Sonne in Deutschland ist wie das Licht aus dem kühlschrank."

it means that the sun in Germany is like the light from the refrigerator. My lecturer told us that in class. and i find it very true cos the sun in Germany shines but the weather is still cold. Ermm.. This week the average temperature is about -5 degree Celsius. it snowed a few days ago and the snow melted and the temperature dropped. the snow that melted and formed puddle of water of the road and floor became ice. the road became very slippery.
that's really cool.. i dunno how did that happen..

the temperature on the hill for today is about -18 degree Celcius. that's is Schwäbische Alb (in English>> the Swabian Mountains). picture taken from the Fachhochschule (the Uni where i am having my pre uni course now)

the sky in Germany is indeed beautiful. The sky is so colourful and very intriguing. Sky as beautiful as this will never be seen in Malaysia because Malaysia is on the equator i guess..

Beautiful sunset. it's really hard to resist myself not to look at the sunset from my class when lecture is giving lecture in the class. Nowadays less and less people came to class.

Freedom. Wings.

Freedom. Now i am on my own and I can do things at will. I think freedom and independence are always side by side and they comes with responsibilities. Responsibility is what I am afraid of.

so far i still survive after leaving Malaysia for 6 weeks and i think finally i have adapted to the weather and the environment in Germany. the money we got from JPA is more that enough to afford a very comfortable life actually. but studying in Germany is tougher compared to other countries because we are doing our bachelor in German. No doubt we will be having a very stressful life in Germany because we have to overcome the language barricade ahead of us. being able to hear what the lecturers say is easy but to understand what they say is difficult. i really hope that i could sail through every exam.


1. i keep posting pictures instead of writing.. i hope you guys would still like it cos i am quite lazy to write with my broken English. my friend who is leaving Malaysia to Australia. all the best for you and i hope you would have a good time there even though you have to study and might be at the same time working part time. the time difference is about 12 hours i think. do keep in touch via messenger and read my blog when you are free.

3. i am going to smack those who say winter so nice and can play with snow..

4. hmm how come no body leaving any comments nowadays.. no one reads my blog ke? haha..

Thursday, 12 February 2009

A Must-Visit in Stuttgart

Went to Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart a few weeks ago. The museum is not only famous for the variety of exhibits in the museum, but also its architecture. The exhibits consist of the replicas of vehicles in the range of the world first motorcar to the present modern cars, engines of cars and also aeroplane, evolution of motorcar, and history of establishment and development of Mercedes Benz and etc.

The price of the entrance ticket is 4 EUR. it's affordable and if you are really into car, i think it is worth to spending 4 EUR. On the other hand, if you dun like cars and hate museum, i suggest you to save the 4 EUR instead cos you would be bored to death. So far i have been to 4 Museums , to me, all of them were interesting and educational especially the Mercedes Benz Museum and 3 hours was not enough for me. however for some of my friends don't find it not so interesting and spending 3 hours in the museum was indeed torturing.

taken on top of the tower at the main train station in Stuttgart... Mercedes Benz!

How to go there? Erm that's a good question. Actually i have no idea. I remember that we took train from the Stuttgart's main train station. arghhh, let me check it out in internet.......
arcoding to the information that i found, take the S-Bahn line S1 train going in the direction of Plochingen / Esslingen and get off the train at the Gottlieb-Daimler Stadium Station. the museum is just around the corner, so just follow the signboard and you ll reach in no time.

Above>> this is not just the first gasoline power vehicle, but also the world first motorcycle.

Daimler four cylinder engine

closer look at the four cylinder engine

in the museum, you can find all kinds of vehicles from the past. race cars, lorries, vans, ambulance and etc.

well..the Brand 'Mercedes' is inspired by the a businessman, Emil Jellinik, whose daughter is called Mercedes.

i was sick that day cos of fever. but i still went to Stuttgart everthough i should't to because i didn't wan to miss the chance to hang out with friends since our time of being together was getting less. I felt so cold eventhough i was in the museum. My body was alarming me that it was time to take medicine but i left it in my bag which was kept in the locker. wtf! luckily my friends accompanied me and distracted me from thinking about the fever by taking pictures and talking.

OMG! Heavy Snowfall

Once again, Reutlingen is covered by snow. i thought the weather would have been getting warmer and warmer. today it snowed heavily. That was the first time i saw since i came to Germany, it snowed so heavily. the picture above was taken this morning a while after i woke up. the layer of snow on the ground was the thickest i have ever seen. Ka Zeng showed everyone today the Hugo Boss sign at the bottom part of his newly bought Hugo Boss shoes by stamping his shoes onto the snow. Showing off his 70 euro branded shoes.. i stamped my shoes onto the snow also..of course it was not Hugo Boss but NIKE tick.... hahaha.. actually it is quite dangerous to wear sneakers during winter, especially when it snows cos the floor would be very slippery and i could fell down if i don't walk carefully..

This morning it snowed but not as heavy as in the afternoon when i was on the way heading back to my hostel, that i needed to take out my umbrella. Layer of snow was formed on my jeans, bag, jacket and shoes. it was quite fun actually the snow, the cold weather and everything... but only when i am not sick.


then when i was back to my room, the snowfall stopped and gave way to the sun. My day started with heavy snow but ended with a beautiful sunset. I am grateful that now i am healthy and hope that i would stay healthy all the time cos life sucks when i fall sick during winter. I would be as moody as the weather here if i were sick..