Thursday, 22 January 2009

Bodensee, Konstanz

It has been almost 2 weeks since I left Malaysia. I am so fortunate to be here, in Germany to further my studies without spending my parent’s money. Not everyone is as lucky as I am. But I did work hard to get JPA scholarship.

The weather here is really unpredictable. Morning could be a sunny day but then afternoon it could be raining or snowing. Wearing the right attire is crucial not to fall sick, but somehow, I fell sick. Coughs and flu, I always have a visit from them. Finally I understand why the Germans like the sun so much, while on the other hand, Malaysians hate it so much.

Well, I travel a lot since I came here. So far I have been to Konstanz and München (Munich), and I am staying in Radolfzell right now for the first 3 weeks in Germany, attending class and learning about how to live here in Germany. Forms we need to fill in, how to pay our rent, register this and that. All about bureaucracy!

Last weekend I went to Bodensee (Lake Konstanz), in Konstanz.

The Imperia, which is a statue located at the entrance of the Constance harbor, completes one revolution every 3 minutes..

Konstanz is a beautiful city with combination of old and modern architectures and it’s very near Switzerland. I have been there quite often for shopping because Schlussverkauf (End-Season sales). Clothes and shoes are very cheap. bought Sweater and Pullover for just 14 Euro.. such offers can only be found during End-season sales..

Saturday, 17 January 2009


that's my room i am staying right now. very spacious and the bed is very comfortable.

Euro. yeah i m spending euros now... but onething i dun like is that they have so many coins.. 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, 1 euro, 2 euro and lastly 5 euro. i am still having difficulties differentiating the coins. but then things here are relatively cheap compared to my monthly allowance. (dun ever convert when you wanna buy stuffs, you ll end up buying nothing, cos everything ll be soooooooo expensive) there are some stuffs here which are still cheap if you convert, eg shampoo, lotions, lipbalm..

all the cream and lotions that keep my skin mosturized. as soon as i finish bathing, i need to cream my whole body immediately, otherwise my skin will crack cos the air here is very dry.. ya ya ya i know i am like girl ma.. but then my skin was ad dry when i was in Malaysia. its quite tedious to apply cream whenever my skin is dry...

that's a "Stadtbus". and here in Germany. what matters for the people here is punctuality. the bus here is very efficient and the bus drivers actually do follow the schedule. when the time written on the schedule is 17:06, the bus really reaches the bus stop at 17:06. and of course the train also. so we can actually plan our time very well here. cos you wont be wasting time waiting for bus.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Sorry for late update.. i am currently in Radolfzell, Germany. it's in south Germany, near Konstanz Lake.. (Bodensee) and of course Switzerland. its very nice place for sightseeing. ll upload the picture sooner or later.. cos i am very lazy to take out my camera with my gloves on.. cannot press anything..

Now in winter everyday i have to follow the so call onion system and put on layers of clothes to keep me warm when i am in outdoor and take off when i am in indoor. i have to always wear shoes and slippers and not to forget, cream my whole body to prevent skin crack. otherwise i ll get sick. other than those tedious stuffs, life here is not that difficult, just that i now have to really take full responsibilty of myself and there are so many decisions that i have to make.

basically since my sem hasn't started, I am now learning how to live in Germany and german cultures and taboos here in CDC(Carl Duinsberg Centrum), Radolfzell. JPA really paid a lot for the course i am having now cos its very costly.

ll update soon when i settle down and got fixed internet access in my hostel..

Sunday, 11 January 2009


Freezing cold winter (-12 degree celcius)
Wonderful and comfortable room
cultural shock
Happy hour

Friday, 2 January 2009

The Forgotten Isle

I went to Pulau Jerejak with my Ausmat friends who came back from Australia. first and foremost allow me to inform you guys some infomation about the island.

Pulau Jerejak, The Forgotten Isle. On the Island there was once a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients, leprosarium for leprous patients (Leprosy>Penyakit Kusta>麻疯病) and later a prison. after the prison was closed, the island was developed to become a tourist attraction site. Eventually Jerejak Resort & Spa was built.

The trip to Pulau Jerejak was worth every penny i spent. Although Pulau Jerejak, compared with other famous islands in Malaysia, is not attrative and lack of any mesmerizing vista and also crystal clear water. but then you can do lot of activities there with lesser money spent.

Jetty to Pulau Jerejak.

the prison is quite remote.

Ruins of the Prison


with just rm50, you can do following activities

jungle trekking

Archery ( at first i din wear the protective band on my lower arm and when i released the string? (i dunno what to call that..) piak... hit my arm.. argh the pain was excruciating. but then out of 4 arrows i managed to hit the board 2 times.. very proud le. good enough for a rookie)

Wall Climbing (yeahhhh.. i reached the top!)

Wall climbing also

(Wall climbing is very physically demanding. half way to the top, both my arms were very painful and cramp but at the end i forced myself not to give up and draw out all the energy i had. at certain point i had to fully rely on both my arms to pull me up. it was darn tiring!!! but exciting! hehe..)


Flying fox

Buffet 4 Lunch (the food was quite nice)

Queensbay mall

building ship

Penang Bridge