Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I have edited this picture for umpteen times. The previous version which i think was 'over-edited'. Having traveled with three of them was fun and I have done things which i never have done before in my life- being unusual William. What is usual William? no alcohol may be.. no cigarettes.. talk about books and facts.. not crazy..being serious all the time.. yeah may be that's usual William. I told one of my friend that i used to have an account in ICQ and my nickname was badboy.. guess what was his reaction! He laughed every single time he mentioned about it in front of others.. Is it so hard to imagine me as a badboy? ha!

my fellow 2ndary school friends, wad you think?

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Budapest 2009

Budapest is a beautiful city, perhaps the best city in Europe i have visited so far and if i have the chance i would like to visit Budapest with my girlfriend. One of the reasons that i fell in love with Budapest are the beautiful scenery at night. If you are into photography, tripod is one thing that should have with you all the time during your trip or if you are lazy to carry bulky tripod around, perhaps you might be able to find a bench or table to put your camera if you are lucky. Otherwise forget about taking nice sharp pictures at night.

unlike any other trips i had so far, i couch-surfed with Timothy and we stayed with a Hungarian for one night. His name is Maty. He told us a lot about history of Hungary, food eg Hungarian pickles and alcohol eg Palinka and Jägermeister like Unikum. Palinka is a traditional Hungarian fruit Brandy. I bought a 40ml Palinka and 100ml Unikum. Personally i dun like Unikum because it's made out of herbs.. not my type of alcohol i would say.

Things that you can do in Budapest(From my experience):
1. Sightseeing. just grab a map and navigate yourself around the city.
2. Visit the Great market Hall.
3. Pamper yourself at Gellért Bath. Thermal bath for 3800HUF (14Euro)
4. have your lunch or dinner at Restaurant Menza. This restaurant is highly recommended by the author of Lonely Planet and almost every tourist that walk in has Lonely Planet. The food there is quite nice, the service of the waiter and waitress is good and they are well coordinated (the waitresses are pretty!). For more information, click here.
5. Try some of Palinka.
6. Buy some chocolate with cheese filling at any supermarket or RELAY. Those chocolates are kept under refrigeration.

I climbed all the way up the Gellért Hill to have bird's eye view of the city. Having conquered Mountain Kinabalu (haha. not really actually) makes climbing any other small hills like eating nuts.. there are buses going up to the hill but i would rather climb than paying for the ticket.

The great market hall in Budapest is one of the nice places you should not miss. There are 3 floors. Upstairs are all those shops which sell handicrafts and foods, while on the ground floor are the stalls selling all kind of meats and vegetable. Well the first time i went to the market, i din notice that there are more shops underground. I know about it only after Maty brought us there. do not expect to have directories in market...At the underground level, there are many stalls selling pickles. The pickles all looked the same to me, the difference, according to Maty, is that the stalls are owned by different families. and the taste might differ from each other.

Talking about the public transport, overall the public transport is quite good. Even though the trains and the buses are quite old, they have time table and most importantly they DO follow the time table. Unlike KTM and Rapid KL buses. However you might end up buying a lot of tickets from go from A to B if you need to change from bus to metro or tram. One ticket costs 300HUF (about 1.20 Euro) or 250 HUF for journey not further than 3 stops. One ticket is only valid for one type of public transport. if you want to change from metro to bus, you will have to buy 2 tickets (600HUF). There is no difference if your destination is four stations away or 10 stations away. The price is same.

This trip was my first time traveling with my dslr.. I really find it very tedious to walking around with big camera and tripod around. Nevertheless it was fun looking at the world through viewfinder.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Signing in, from Bratislava

currently in Bratislava, Slovakia.
just drank 2 shots of Becherovka and one shot of Absint
feeling a bit dizzy now..

have taken a lot of pictures during in Vienna and Bratislava..
tomorrow will be going to Budapest...

Merry Chrismast and Happy New Year.
Frohe Weihnachten...
Belated wish from me in Bratislava, Slovakia

William, 26.12.2009, Bratislava

Monday, 30 November 2009

Jugendherberge, Kontanz

Leaves have fallen leaving the trees bald. Autumn comes slowly to its end. Winter starts to creep in. There was no other way better to start the day than watching the sun rise from the horizon from Jugenherberge, Konstanz. Breathtaking!

Saturday, 14 November 2009


Pictures taken in Esslingen Park which i walk past every weekday on my way to school
Bunte Hund in Esslingen, a guy who wears what he likes to attract attention of people around him. he is such a nice person and a good friend that he has no problem mixing with all kinds of people and would rather suffer just to help his friends. I think i would be admitted to hospital many times without him in my life.. just kidding.

really glad that he came.


Thursday, 5 November 2009


There is always first for everything. well this is my first HDR picture. Picture was shot in Esslingen, a town that i am currently studying in and a place i call 2nd home.There are so many places yet i discover and I shall explore more and more places with my camera... and hopefully i could do it with someone.. to enhance the taste of the journey.

life could be very dull without someone that could share the joy and pain with… think positively and hope the days in Esslingen will get brighter…

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I start running

for I found the road
that leads me to my destination.

with high hope that i would be able to catch up

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Do you notice? corrected!

When the car goes forward and backward, do you ever notice that there is a difference?
Yes indeed there is! Think for a while......... .. do you hear anything?

oh well when the car goes forward, there is no sound except the engine sound.. of course when you reverse your car, there will still be engine sound.. you can't reverse you car without the engine started, can you? so when you enter reverse gear and press the accelerator, you hear some sound which will eventually get louder and louder... yeap that's the difference.. so it has something to do with the gears.. the gears that convert the engine power to forward movement are called helical gears (auf deutsch schrägverzahnte Zahnräder), while for the backward movement the gears are called .spur gears (auf deutsch geradeverzahnte Zahnräder)

Spur gear

helical gear

i bet you are asking, WHY?

so this is the answer you looking for...
Specifically the way the teeth in the reverse gear are shaped. The forward gears in your transmission are helical shaped, meaning the individual teeth on the gear are curved rather than straight but reverse has straight cut teeth.

Why is straight noisier than helical? A helical gear's teeth are always in contact with the next gear thanks to their shape. Picture two straight gears moving very slowly. There's a split second that you'll see space between the teeth. The continuous tiny tapping of the gears remaking contact with each other creates the whine you hear. Since a helical gear has long, curved teeth, the point at which two gears meet is never out of contact, so no tiny taps, and no noise.


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Quote of the day

"The world is full of thorns and pebbles. But, if we have to walk in spite of such obstacles, instead of trying to remove them, which is impossible, it is advisable to wear a pair of slippers and walk without harm."

Face problems with no fear. Obstacles in life are inevitable. On our way to achieve something we often faces a lot problems, critics, accusations, even people who influence us or sabotage us.. be brave and roar!!!!

written by someone who could not practice what he preaches…

Monday, 19 October 2009

Quote of the day

Out of sheer loneliness, people turn to alcohol either as a means towards socialization or as a way to drown and wash away their loneliness….

But alcohol can never wash away one’s troubles; it only worsens them, like feeding more fuel to fire

Saturday, 10 October 2009



有人曾经跟我说过, 不是每个人拥有畢卡索所用过的毛笔,就能画出拥有畢卡索的水准的作品。那时候的我觉得心如刀割。但是我却觉得我们凡事做事情,不需要顾虑到别人怎样看你,只要我们自己觉得那是对的,而且是我们能力范围里的事情,我们就应该去办我们所要办的事,勇于追求我们的梦想。

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Autumn in Esslingen

My winter semester starts last week. The timetable is more hectic compared to the first semester. with so many subjects which are very new to me, to cope with.

PS: Class finished early so decided to walk around in Esslingen to snap some photos. it's fascinating to see leaves of different colours...

decided to upload my pictures in Flickr account as well..ll upload pictures from time to time. this is the link. click here.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Suddenly i thought of a movie that i fell in love with when i was little. The movie is called Fantaghiro. you watched before? it was aired in TV2 if i am not mistaken. It's like western version of Hua Mulan. After so many years.. let me count..ehhh.. 10++ years. sometimes the songs from the movie just came across my mind and i would hum it. the songs, though i don't understand a single word she sings but i like it, serene and calm i would feel when i listen to the songs..

here's the video. enjoy...

Saturday, 3 October 2009

3rd OCT 2009 Mooncake Festival


PS:I used to carry lantern and walk around in my neighbourhood at night with my friends during Mooncake Festival. but nowadays i could hardly see any children walking at night because it's not safe anymore to walk at night especially for children due to the increasing crime rate in my neighbourhood, from snatch thief to orang minyak even murder cases..No kidding and i have been living there ever since i was born..

Monday, 28 September 2009

Badcannstatter Volksfest 2009

Many people around the world know about Oktoberfest. in fact most of the people where they are asked about what they know about Germany, they would say beer or Oktoberfest. Like Oktoberfest, Badcannstatter Volksfest is also one of the many regional fest in Germany. Ocktoberfest is the largest fest while Volksfest is the third largest.

We managed to find a seat in one of the tents. there was a very nice old man treat us 1.0 litre beer right after we ordered food and beer. PROST!!! i personally like Hefe Weizen. I find it very nice to drink but it ain't cheap. 7.90 Euro for 1 litre beer.

Munich is way too way from Esslingen so I went to the Badcannstatter Volksfest with my friends. and i was very happy because i got to use my friend's canon F1.8 50mm lens. i have always wanted to try some shots using 50mm f1.8. but i wasn't satisfied with the shots i have taken. Considering that was the first time i used that lens and i am still new to DSLR photography , i am contented with the result and i have learnt a lot from this outing.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Bukit Bendera/Penang Hill/升旗山

if you have no money and no friend to accompany you during holiday or all you have nothing better to do but to surf internet, then holiday would be indeed mundane and boring. The same activities repeat everyday. You might be slowly becoming horizontal challenged and thus pretending you are still slim by holding your breath to make your tummy smaller every time you look at yourself in the mirror or avoiding taking pictures of yourself because your face would look as round as a ball... am i speaking from my own experience? haha you bet i am...

I had a plan. my plan is to hike from kaki bukit of Bukit Bendera to the top. The trail which starts from the entrance beside botanical garden would need about 3 hours to reach the top. Oh Well.. plan always turns out to be just a plan at the end. i think sometime it's better to do something impromptu, because most of the time it turns out to be something. So instead of hiking, i went up to the top not with my own feet but with monorail and carried out my filial duty-spend more time with my parents.

First outing with my new camera was OK... try to get used to my camera. Taking a shot through the viewfinder was really different. how different hard to describe... i concentrate more on details...

I din take a lot of pictures of the monorail because of certain circumstances. eh like I was forbidden to saty at the platform of the monorail because it was too dangerous etc. One return ticket for adult costs you 4 Ringgit and it is about 45 minutes ride from the bottom to the top. you will have to change monorail when you reach certain height to reach the top. The monorail is tortoise like slow and frankly there is nothing nice to capture. i took some pictures but all turned out to be not so nice photo cos of the dirty windshield and windows.

Guess what that is? i dunno what it is called but the monorail depends on it to move downhill and uphill. if i am not mistaken the diesel motor is located behind those "wheels" inside the building.

There is nothing nice to see on top actually. but there is a observatory up there where you could see Penang from bird's eye view.. for me that will be the only thing that make the journey going up worth -while.
There are Police Station, Post Office, Health Center, Mosque, Hindu Temple, Hotels up there..

George Town...

Penang Bridge

Bottom right: Kek Lok Si Temple

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

No Smoking Ad

I came across this advertisement on tv commercial.. it is very catchy and got my100% attention when i first saw watched that advertisement.. very typical Malaysian ads. they will never forget to put malays, chinese and indian in the ads in conjunction with One Malaysia.. but does it work in encouraging smokers to quit? nope...

Thursday, 3 September 2009








想家想父母,但是不懂得如何能确切表達。即便在國外學了許多語言,卻發現自己的表達能力越來越差。 "慈母手中線,遊子身上衣"這裏面的分量,心裏明白,也想說,說不出來。想家的感覺很美,就像圓月的深夜,想要沉浸在這個美麗中,卻有冷風時時提醒自己,這是外國的月亮。家,對我們來說,是藏在心裏最暖的一個寄托,不敢打開這個盒子,一旦打開,眼淚就會有流下來。然而,外國不需要我們的眼淚,隻需要我們汗水。親情也自然就成了一個被禁忌的話題,成了扭着心頭的痛。



Wednesday, 2 September 2009






孙燕姿的 《遇见》 听过吗?


艺芝自称是乖孩 终日在人面前装可爱
华吉又称烧火鸡 说起鸟话总是称第一
艺华画画真厉害 画的大家都像双胞胎
星龙suppa的最爱 说话快的没人能明白


Monday, 31 August 2009

Heilbron Summer 2009

Spent 2 weeks in Heilbron for German Language Course which was sponsored by InWENT. the German Course was a bit mundane actually. Perhaps having to see the same teacher every weekdays from 9.45am to 3.00am was too boring and her monotonous voice and traditional teaching method failed to gain my concentration. Except the presentation and the group discussion session, others i find rather useless and boring. Well the fun part was of course the after-class-activities, we spent time hanging around in City Center of Heilbron eating really nice ice cream and food.

Patricia was willing to lend me her camera so i took some pictures using her camera.

you know how many scoops are there, the middle one which was mine? 2 scoops!! and it cost only 1.40 Euro!!! In Esslingen (my place) it is like 6 scoops and it would cost me one Euro per scoop. i couldn't finish my ice cream because it was too much and i was really full...

Freundshaftsbecher! it was damn big and recommended for 4-5 persons. and again they couldn't finish the ice cream as well

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Life's Brief Candle by William definitely not Shakespear

My life had been perfect
until i was whizzed into an unknown place.
I see nothing but darkness.
the nothingness in the dark lures the fear out of me.
my mind is so confused
and filled with hundreds or may be thousands of question marks
but i see nothing around me that can satisfy my curiosity.
then i start to ask myself:
Is this what they call
the stop before the end of everything?
the crossover from life to death?

Am i already dead?

If my guess is correct..
No! No! my guess is not correct!
my life is too brief to be ended so soon.
I have plenty to do and i know i could have done more!

Why! The Creator, why!
Where are you when everything's gone wrong!
Why do You bring me to this world
With a lifespan as brief as a candle..
Without your realization i was created
with a time bomb planted deep inside me
which would explode when the time is right.

It ain't fair not only for me
but also for those who have really believed in me
and have had faith in creation of yours and thus
spent a fortune for your creation that you take no responsibility.

For the past 2 years,
i had a really great time with him.
i was very well taken care of
and i still look as good as new.
Schade! that it's only the outer appearance.
what's left is just a piece or worthless junk inside my body
and a broken heart of someone whom i spent most of my life time with.
without him my life would have been even shorter than i could imagine.

I pity him
for what he has gone through getting me.
I pity him
for his lack of buying instinct and wrong choice he made.
I pity him
for he trusted the creator and the trouble he has been through so far.

if my guess is correct and this is the end of my life,
i just wanna say thank you to him for everything he has done to me.
the only thing that i am not regretful is having him as my companion.
with that i can walk towards the end with my head held high!

if you are wondering what the hell i am talking about... well that's me- HP tx1005au! hehe
(William: i wrote this for self-reassurance.. so that i don't feel so sad.. haih. Schade)

Saturday, 18 July 2009

La Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, Madrid

Bullring-La Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, Madrid-There is no better time to travel in Madrid than in May and Jun as the world renown San Isidro bullfights festival takes place in Plaza de Toros during these 2 months, which you on no account should miss if you are not a ardent animal lover. during the festival, there are bullfights every day for 20 days and all the bullfighters who perform during this festival are the best fighters in Spain. The tickets during this festival are difficult to get as they will be sold out almost immediately as soon as they are released. But we managed to buy "black" tickets which cost 200% more than the normal price.

i din manage to take any close shots cos i was sitting at the last row on the highest level of the bullring. so the bulls and the fighters were only as big as ants. So with my 3x optical zoom Canon 980IS, i came out with these pictures.
the entrance of the bullring. the weather was scorching hot that day!!

Bull fighter in action. the pictures are blurry cos i used digital zoom.. it was tiring to chase after the bull with my camera.

when the bull is out of control, the fighters would hide behind that wooden wall. look at the red yellow sticks on the bull, those sticks with hooks are used to weaken the bull by letting the bull bleed slowly. those fighters with pink cape appear before the matador (hero of the show) with red cape to allow the matador to observe the bull's behavior.

at the end, the bull was worn out and killed by the matador using his sword. killing animal for entertainment purposes... that's the reason bullfights are banned in many countries. but not in Spain..