Friday, 28 November 2008

two and a half years

two and a half years
so fast the time passes
without my realization
that it has been two and a half years
the first day in INTEC
seems like yesterday

two and a half years
people come and go
nothing permanent in this world
one day we meet
next day we part
the so called unsinkable friendship
would somehow someday sink
due to the inevitable circumstances

two and a half years
an endless struggle finally ends
but another endless struggle
is yet to come
anticipation and nervousness
revolving around my mind and heart
skeptical about the future i will have
in Germany

two and a half years
what used to be simple
becomes complicated
arguments, misunderstandings, quarrels
has been part of my life
that i have to accept and adapt

two and a half years
i try very hard to change myself
like going against the river flow
i paddle very hard to advance
not to capsize
at the end i found myself
i made little progress
i shall not give up
for i managed to advance
it was not much
but it was enough

two and a half years
this chapter of my life
is by far the most interesting
hostel life,
different kinds of friends
from all over Malaysia
different races
even aborigine
sweet memories they have given me
i am afraid
all this will come to an end
as another chapter begins
tomorrow is a mystery
but today is a gift
that's why it's called present
no one can foresee
what lies ahead of us
i don't know tomorrow
whether the friendship will sink as time passes
but today i do know that it's still sailing
for me that's already a gift
thank you my friends for your help, support and guidance you all have given me. if those are teh measurement of wealth, i do feel that i am indeed wealthy. even though sometimes we tend to argue and have misunderstandings, that will not shatter our friendship for it makes the foundation strong. In friendship, it's all about tolerance and acceptance. you can't expect everyone to be the person you want them to be. i learned this the hard way...
haha.. erm i dunno why i wrote this post haha.. may be the absence of internet and loneliness have driven me to do so.. i am not attempting to write a poem or what..just that i find this writting style easier for me to think and compose....
p/s: oh almost forgot, there is one thing i find it very hard to friends i sincerely hope that you guys quit your 'part time job'..

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Fruition and Friendship

The video that I made for the annual grand dinner
I watch it over and over again,
umpteen times
till I have lost count how many times I have watched
every second, every minute
that I could have enjoyed myself
with my fellow friends
I sacrificed for its sake
the video played over and over on my laptop screen
I watched it with pride and contentment
the fact that the video came to fruition
was beyond my imagination
the applause at the end of the presentation
I took it as my trophy
and recognition for my success
I am proud in every positive way
perhaps some people might think
that my work is nothing
compared to others that people have seen somewhere
far better, cooler than mine
but I really don’t mind
as long as it has delivered what it meant to
it’s already a satisfactory
what has driven me to write this
might seem that I was seeking solace
to comfort myself
to feel better
but I was certain that it was not
the reminiscence that popping up in my mind
while making the video
is sweet and sour
it made me realize
how wonderful my life for the past 2 years is
how many good friends I have around me
what makes the joy more intense
is the sadness came before the joy
arguments and quarrels are expected
when people live and spend time together
that’s the reason
acceptance and tolerance are crucial
to sail through
regarding countless different people with different background
who we meet in life…
that’s what came to my mind
while watching the video
‘it’ has given me so much problems
‘it’ has made me shed tears
‘it’ has brought changes to my life
some are good, some are bad
‘it’ has also enlightened and taught me so much
‘it’ has driven me to continue doing the video
even thought my eyelids were so heavy back then
even thought my body showed signs of giving up

‘it’ is the ship that doesn’t sail on water
'it 'is Friendship.
Though it is not unsinkable,
I treasure every moment it sails...

a hectic day!

Last Saturday night was A Level German Annual Dinner.. it was held in INTEKMA resort, Shah Alam. Well, the dinner is neither great nor bad.. erm.. just ok.. unlike most of my friends, I was quite busy though because haha i was very kepo.. (i was one of the nominees for the most kepo award OK! n i dun quite know why.. am i that kepo?). well i was assigned to make a video for the multimedia presentation of the night and i was only given less than one week time for the video. Oh Gosh! i hate last minute work...

Since i had promised them to make one, i had to deliver it. the last week of my GMI and also before the annual dinner was indeed hectic. i had class in the morning and also afternoon. when i came back from GMI, it was ad 8 or 9 o clock, i had to prepare for the end of module test and after that the video. i just couldn't give up my test because i would have felt guilty if i did. i really prepared very hard in such a short time for the hydraulics end of module test. it turned out not as fruitful as i expected but i wished my classmates could have not left so early because i had so much to write and i was the only one left in the room. it gave me pressure and i couldn't concentrate well...

in my humble and frank opinion i seriously think that every test is important. if i din prepare for the test, i would just write what i am capable of and hand in despite the unanswered questions. i dun mind because that is the consequence that i have to accept. well this is just my principle of life. i have learnt that i have no right to judge people.

the last test was on Friday... haha once again i was among the people who came out last. by the time i came out, my friends ad left with car back to Shah Alam. and Flip's car was ad full. so i decided to get on bus No. 11 to KTM station.. i nv thought that it would be that far away from GMI, luckily one guy riding a motorcycle stopped by and offered me a ride.. without hesitation i hopped on to the motorbike. what can he do to me under bright sun? haha.. so glad for the offer..n i officially call my GMi practical training an end. a good end luckily. thx to the guy..

*bus No. 11 >>> legs

the rest of the day, i spent my time to finish the video. due to lack of time i had to scrap my original idea which included Liyana and Grace as hosts. so i just did a picture slide show. guess what time i finished my video.. the next day.. 5 a.m. spent half an hour more to render the video and i was done with the video so happy! you might be wondering now how come i spent so much time doing a pictures slide show.. well. handing in a simple slide show using windows movie maker is so not me.. i wanted cool animation and to create good focus on people, so i used Adobe premier. it was not that difficult to do but it was indeed a tedious task. well i could have chosen to produce a simple presentation or not to do the video. then i would have had time to hang out with my friends in MidValley, shopping for nice shirt for dinner, and to have a simple dinner like others with no worries about the technical problems that might occur during the dinner. but i did not, because i dun want the dinner to be just a dinner.. listening to speeches and having dinner. so monotonous and boring.

i was not the lone ranger; there were lot of people who made effort to contribute and lend a hand to the committee, just to make the night better, though it was not great, it was better.

peace!!!!!!!!!!!!! guess who she is?

yummy... i was so hungry!! that's my breakfast, lunch plus dinner.. 3 in 1.. all vege..

Monday, 24 November 2008


i m back! yeap! i am so frustrated and disappointed with the Telekom for not providing good service after so many calls my dad have made.. what happened? oh someone has deprived me of internet by stealing the phone line i mean the cable outside my house for extra income. Stealing phone line is indeed rampant nowadays, i dunno other places but in SP it is.. and i think the economic recession aggravates the situation. the first time my house became the victim was about 2 weeks ago and after one week the renewed cable got stolen again. arrghhh! i have so many posts waiting to be published. but to no avail.. and now i am back in Shah Alam, and now waiting for someone from Putra Jaya to give his/her you-know-what.. (i think you dunno what hehe.. i also dunno! i dunno why i wrote that.. may be hesitation.. cos i dun want my scholarship to be stripped off of me). buy i glad that he/she is late.. i can use internet! Marilyn, i agree with you, internet is as addictive as heroin..

Monday, 17 November 2008

NGM>Borneo's Moment of Truth

Well, finally my GMI practical training has come to an end. so delighted and relieved for that. and now i am in SP, back to boring, mundane routine that I always have back home.. internet, eat, and sleep.. yesterday when i was on the bus coming back SP, i read National Geography Magazine and Digital Camera that i have bought yeah i finally have decided which camera to buy! and its a canon ixus 980 IS. the design is quite cool and "sexy" and it comes in black! i like the black one.. but it is costly.. erm i shall have a deep though whether i will buy, cos my family's income is affected by the economic recession. Save money!!

oh well, i actually find National Geography Magazine very interesting and inspiring. i finished reading in 5 hours which was the time i spent on bus.. now i know that my life shouldn't just revolve around studies, tests, partying, shopping. there are so many things that happen everyday around us under our ignorance. the near extinct cultures, flora and fauna, our origin, our mother nature and earth, every form of pollution like light pollution. you might think that those things have nothing to do with us and nothing much within our capabilities we could contribute to saving our earth, or we, malaysian live in peaceful, lush green environment surrounded by rain forest, but

for example..the november 2008 issue, i was shocked to see the photos and to know that in Borneo the rampant deforestation has been carried out to give way to oil palm plantation and create more farmland. before this i really thought that the palm oil could be the solution to the depleting petroleum for malaysia as Malaysia and indonesia dominate the global palm oil market and could in future subtitute petroleum with 'green' biodiesel made of palm oil. but now when you think about the cost of that-more forests have to be cleared to build more farmlands? do you still think biodiesel is the solurion to the energy crisis and environment sustainable? we malaysian have already used to the haze that happens in Malaysia every year. but do you know that some forest fire does not occur due to the dry season, fire is set to clear the logged land for oil palm plantation.

Well even though oil palm plantation is described as biological desert in NGM, but no doubt that oil palm plantation is the remedy to poverty in rural area. palm oil contribute so much to people and also the country. well i reamin skeptical whether the palm oil brings more harm or more good.

chack out the dumbfounding photos and read more about that by clicking the following NGM cover

the article>> Borneo's Moment of Truth

Saturday, 15 November 2008

out of randomness

one more week to go and it would be the end of the practical training in GMI. (i might put this in schedule so by the time you read this post it would have ended i think. hehe- oh dun mind my tenses.. i dun quite know how to use tenses for unreal event) i suddenly thought about one thing that someone had told me 2 weeks ago. i am really a loser cos until now i still cant speak proper english eventhough i have been learning english since kindergarten. what a shame! ehrrm i cant agree more. i think smth is wrong with my tongue may be.. could not pronouce some words properly and with limited vocabulary of mine i could hardly read texts written in bombastic, impeccable english and understand them. that's my regret actually for not being serious when learning english. i learnt and nv had the chance to use it in my daily life as my mum dun speak english and i was in chinese school and i had to learn english, malay and chinese at the same time! that's a heavy burden. i din face problem in chinese and malay.. i mean the standard formal malay. cos studying in government kindergarten when i was five really helped me a lot. the words just came to my mind esily when i wrote essay and i even wrote poem to conclude my essay. so now i am trying very hard to learn more words to expand my vocabulary. but i know it's ad too late. cos learning language at the age of more than 12 would be difficult. not everyone could master it because children could learn faster and better and memorize word better than adults

just another random post of mine.. hehe..

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Penumatics the best module i have ever lernt so far!

Pneumatics! i uploaded some pictures in the previous post, well now i am uploading some videos. the video on the left shows a simple design for a continuous movement of the cylinder which is vastly used in industry for example dipping the products. the design is constructed only on the basis of pneumatics mean while the video on the right shows another design which makes use of pneumatics and electrical components. sorry the video is supposedly vertical but i hope you dun mind stretch you neck a bit! hehe! My TTO is Mr Farid.. i think he is quite a good teacher cos i actually was looking forward to the exam and his class.. compared to other TTO in GMI, he is way better..

(damm! in Pak Li now.. the internet quite slow and its noisy)

Yeah manage to upload another video!! the way the compressed air is used to do work and motion. cool right! but it's very basic pneumatics.. oh next week i will be having hydraulics class. same classroom same TTO.. i hope it will turn out to be as interesting as pneumatics.
Align Centermore pictures on pneumatics

one of 2 test questions- that's the 2nd.

the first one i dun have time to take any pictures cos i had to finish both in one hour.. i was kinda in hurry at that time! no time to bother about pictures.. but all my effort turned out to be fruitful as i got full mark but practical and the theory part; ehhh. some questions i din do cos i had forgotten but the questions which carried a lot or marks i managed to do those.. especially the planning part where i had to come out with a design according to the problem given.. actually the questions in the planning part were actually questions from the exercise in the handout. so only those who bothered to ask the TTO and practise could do. i have to say that the satisfaction that i felt after the test was really awesome. cos i really am proud of myself.