Wednesday, 29 October 2008

choose: shortcut or mainroad

Why there is shortcut and at the same time main road?
a. better cos faster and easier since both lead us to same destination
b. shortcut is for the smart
c. to prevent congestion
d. all of the above

emm, for me that question is difficult for me to choose an answer co it really all depends on how one thinks and one's perspective of life. sometimes it is inevitable that we choose to take the shortcut instead because it is so easy and saves time for other thingy. sometimes i also take the shortcut because it is an easy way. but when i take the main road but at the end if i find out there is a shortcut to the same destination and other people take it and take less time than me, i would be so "am tui", why am i so stupid!! arghhhhhhhh... erm i am not pointing at anybody, i am talking about everyone in this world including me.. ok! jangan perasan seriously.. not being sarcastic or wat so ever

or i think this analogy not exactly appropriate; i should put it this way.. one traveler wants to travel from one city to another but there are no roads connecting both city, so in order to reach that city, he has to open up a road. using a compass, he manages to discover and open up a route and he clears any obstacles on the route, bushes, trees, rocks, builds a bridge across the rivers and finally after all the hard work and effort people can use the route. they skip all the hardwork and the whole process searching for direction and opening up the route, they just use the road. the people and the traveler both are typical citizens of the cities, they have 2 arms, one brain, 2 legs and what the people got, the traveler got too. but why the traveler can take the iniatiative and do whatever which is necessary to achieve his goal but others don't? or i should say that this is what the traveler wants to do-to help people he cares? he does it for the sake of others because helping others makes him happy? hmmm i hv no idea..

i did that actually.. quite frequent.. eg. in practical training in GMI- I was lazy to figure out how to construct the system by means of pneumatics i gave up and copied down the diagram given by T.T.O (technical training officer i think if i have not mistaken).. no need to think and even i squeezze my brain to think about it i dun think i could have figured it out..

here are some pictures of simple system driven by compressed air (pneumatics), while in hydraulics liquid is used.. going to study hydraulics also soon

cylinder, switches, valves

that's not the most complicated.. in fact that can be considered to be quite simple

hmm how come nowadays no one leaves comments anymore.. sob sob hehe just kidding!! just another random thought of mine during this freaking boring holiday!

Monday, 27 October 2008

hmm in case you din relize, the person in the picture of the header is me!! picture taken by Billy at Shangri La Rasa Ria, KK, Sabah

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Another emo post from sensitive guy

If you think I am criticizing people through this post, you are wrong. That’s not my intention. It might be an unintended intention, but well again just my feelings and the something that I want to tell my readers and also the people mentioned in the following post.

It has been 2 weeks since I updated my blog. Yeap! I have been busy lately for the practical training in GMI. Well I had a tough time during those 2 weeks partly because of the hectic schedule (but then not really hectic, just wasted lot of time waiting for this and that), and partly because of arguments. yeah! Finally I finish reading the book “The Kite Runner”. Well like the movie, it was a good story, simple, yet meaningful. But as always the book is better than the movie. The characters face more huddles and difficulties in the book and it gives more details about the characters and the feelings that couldn’t be delivered in 2 hours long movie. Talking about arguments! I have been living in surroundings full of arguments. People argue and argue! It is vastly different environment I am living in and the one I have lived before I came to Shah Alam. At that time, I argued less, focused more on academics and co-curriculum. At that time being a sergeant in St. John-one of the most active uniform bodies in school, perhaps the most and student of the smartest class in school, I was powerful and high above lot of people. Now I lost the power and the position, no rank. everyone is equal..

Frankly speaking, I dun like arguments but sometimes I have to argue because I think I do no wrong and I can’t let something go, stubborn I am. Throughout the past 2 weeks, I learnt a lot from my friends and another particular friend of mine. He is really my fidus Achates. He is willing to listen to me, read my long messages when I faced difficulties and when I am down and emo. Without him I can’t imagine my life here in Shah Alam, without him I would not have had somebody to turn to when my emotion gets better of me. He teaches me how to deal with the problems and gives advices. That’s what I call friendship. Really! When I send him long messages, he will read and sometimes reply and sometimes don’t because the message I send is just meant to express my feelings. Those messages that I sent usually are the words that I want to tell the person (during an argument or conversation), but I can’t put it in words spontaneously. At the same time due to this habit of mine, once again my emotion got better of me. Sending long messages to apologize and to express my feelings is my habit and that’s what I like to do sometimes before I sleep. cos I believe in writing things down so that I would feel better and have a fresh start the next day. For me those messages are very meaningful but somehow some people dun think so. For some people those are just nonsense and like shit! At first I really couldn’t accept that word. When I heard that, I felt like I was stabbed right at my heart, so painful and at the same time disappointed. I asked myself: Why can’t I do what I like? What’s wrong with expressing my feelings and apologizing through long sms? Then because of my fidus Achates, it dawned on me that I shouldn’t give a damn about all those questions stirred up in my mind. If they dun like it, just dun send to them. IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE. Dun give a damn about what people said! I just want my happiness back. I just want to be me. What I do makes me special makes me.. me. I dun want to be molded into someone that everyone likes but I lose my identity.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Happy Birthday, Shin Leong! it has been one and a half year since you left.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Myth of Appendicitis

My mum always tells me not to jump around after having meal because i might end up having appendicitis. ehm. I thought it was truth until today!

Myth: Appendicitis is caused by vigorous activities after meal.
Fact: Appendicitis is caused by infection.

Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix , caused by blockage or infection and not by jumping around after full meal. the most important symptom of appendicitis is pain starting near the umbilicus and spreading towards the right lower abdomen. if left untreated, the appendix may rupture causing severe infection, abscess formation and even death.

that's what i saw this morning in the clinic. just for your information.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Happy Birthday Kai Shuen
.. this post is your birthday present from me lo..

很高兴认识到你!想起我们以前在cendana study room 温习功课的时候,几乎每次都是在考试前夕熬夜读书还有用你的motorola手机自拍。haha..真是camwhore!!但是那时候还是蛮快乐了的!但是始终还是要读书,熬夜读书很累,很辛苦!高兴认识你!


Sunday, 5 October 2008


问世间情为何物?刚刚看完了四十集长的]溏心风暴之家好月圆。 很高兴看到一直默默在阿秋身边支持她的阿好可以如愿以偿,跟他所爱的人阿秋在一起, 有情人终成眷属。阿好的为人实在太好太老实了,好像绝种好男人, 为了自己所爱的人付出一切,而且很有耐心地苦苦等待阿秋。每当阿秋一有问题的时候都会在她身边陪伴她,鼓励她, 安慰她。适当的时候,还义不容辞地退步。 连阿好知道阿秋跟旧情人凌B复合的时候,都可以坦然地去面对他俩,祝福他们终生幸福,如果我是阿好,不知道我能否像他那样伟大, 那样的痴情,十多年来对阿秋的爱与真心都没有因为时间和距离而淡化, 还为了阿秋做了那么多。 哈!如果我有他的一半的话,我看一定有很多女子在追求我咯!哈哈!

Friday, 3 October 2008



看了十七集的《溏心风暴之家好月圆》(还有二十三集),那部剧给我了许多的感触。 从第一集至第十七集,每一集都有高潮,每一集都传达不同的道德价值给观众们。 世上真的有像荷妈那样伟大的母亲吗?像家、好、月、圆、庆、中六兄弟之间的感情在现今社会里还存在吗?老实说句,我渴望我有像他们一样的家庭,但是我妈没有像荷妈那样。 我并不是说我母亲不好,我母亲也很伟大,但是我未曾向她分享我的内心世界, 没有坐下来跟她说我藏在我内心深处对任何事情的感觉,爱情,友情问题,学业上的压力都是留给自己,有时候心里藏了太多太多,终于不能再容纳的时候,我就像个女孩子一样,独自一个人哭泣。 一个男人流泪并不代表他便是个懦夫。对我而言,泪水可以把不开心的事情通通都流出去,感觉肩膀上的负担减少了,心也觉得舒服些。而我跟我哥的感情不知道从他离乡背井的那一刻至今还剩下多少, 分开生活的时间也有五年多,再加上未来我到德国深造的五年,总共十年多。一个人短命的活到六七十岁,长命的可以活到八九十岁。十年的光阴实在太长了,剧中的阿卡说的对,我俩各自都有各自的生活,未来是否可以在一起生活和工作也是个未知数。真希望我有像荷妈他们一家人的家庭。但是跟别人相比,我父母给予我的爱护与关怀已经是足够了。因为他们像荷妈一样为了这头家牺牲了很多很多。 头上的白发和手与脸上的皱纹就是他们为了我们而牺牲的象征。《溏心风暴之家好月圆》让我领悟到家庭的重要性。在Shah Alam 两年的生活让我领悟到一件事-朋友永远都不能取代家人的地位。对我最好,在我生病时无微不至地照顾我的人不是朋友,而是家人。朋友可以割席绝交, 家人之间的关系是不能割席绝亲的。