Saturday, 27 September 2008

reaching the top

Reaching the top
was my goal and my dream
such adventurous activity
rafting was the first
mountaineering was the second

Reaching the top
became more challenging
due to chicken pox
with weak immune system
i was vulnerable to diseases

Reaching the top
was becoming a reality the first day
energetically i climbed
the first kilometer was tiring
but very soon i adapted myself to the environment
the journey became less tiring
more exciting

Reaching the top
requires determination and strong will
physical strength alone won't pave the way to success
mental power is also the key factor
with the strong determination
despite the freezing cold weather
despite the numbness of my hand
despite the heavy shirt soaked with sweat
despite the aching muscle and joints
i was where i was supposed to be for the day

Reaching the top
with 5 bucks adipuma kampung
really cut down the cost

Reaching the top
took rookie like me
many hours to cover
the 8.2 km long journey to the hotel
and 2.7 km long journey to the peak

(boring? haha writing in this form is never my forte! see some pictures taken first lo. but the pictures also very boring actually.. sorry i gt no skill and someone keep saying i got a shitty camera. hehe actually good also lo people say like that. it made me realise smth very important! what is that smth leh? hehe only i know)

(wah! so cold!)

Reaching the top
without the tongkat
the journey would have been miserable
as i was heavily dependent on it
to move forward
Reaching the top
was more physically demanding than i thought
the last 2 kilometer
my arms were drenched with rain water
and got numb
i climbed
faster and faster
i overtook
never stopped
and looked back
i was weak
but i was energetic
one and a half hour
i managed to cover 2 km
you bet i was!
Reaching the top
ended up just a dream
excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm
vanished into thin air
the moment i threw up
my body struck and voiced out their protest
just before we departed at 2 am
heading to the peak
i chose to ignore the strike
stubborn i was
probably i just couldn't accept
the fact that i was sick
Reaching the top
was indeed meaningful to me
i wanted to make it
to the peak
then take out my camera and snap some pictures
after half a kilometer i climbed
i raised the white flag
i was too frail
i had no choice
but to walk back to room

haha the journey was fun though. why i wrote in this form? i am lazy to write long long so write short short lo. hehe. actually i took a lot of pictures and i looked very hideous with all the chicken pox scars.. visit my facebook la i ll upload the pictures there! scared people steal my picture cos i look so handsome!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Waaaaall eeeeee

Wall E. I watched the movie a few days ago alone. haha. lonely lo.. that was my first time watching movie with just popcorn and coke as my companion and i could sit comfortably with both the armrests. supposedly i planed to watch with Shivenes after DSH exam, but at the end i bought him to watch Deception instead. Deception was an OK movie. it did not fulfil the my expectation though the lead actors were Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor. the movie deception is about deception. something new to me in the movie: the existence of sex club and the members of the clubs consists of wealthy and well known people in US. they call randomly the people in contact list in their phone. no names but numbers. each member has their own number in the list. they just call....

A: "are you free tonight? "
B: "where?"
A: "Blah Blah hotel"

and then they meet and have sex! as simple as that!
i wonder such club actually exists in Malaysia.. if yes, omg

back to Wall E. Frankly i think Wall E is not just entertaining but meaningful as well.
first entertaining because robots can fall in love! i dun see the robots in the movie as robot. they aren't robot, if they are they are really extraordinary AI robots cos they got feelings. they worry, love, think, angry and others.. they are like human. this is something imaginary but it was fun watching the movie. so original and something out of the box. i dun expect the movie to come across well and it is worth watching after all. i seldom watch animation at cinema..

Wall.E is so cute hehe

second meaningful because of the message the movie tries to deliver to the audience. the themes of the movie that i could think of are environmental problem, great reliance upon machines in our life, ignorance of the happenings around us, and obesity due to lack of exercise

my lappie's wallpaper

towering piles of rubbish, extinction of green plants, heavily polluted air, dried up oceans and rivers, deserted cities are some of the common scenes in the movie. when i saw all these, i could only think of one thing in my mind: would this happen to the earth in the future? because of our negligence on our environment? i cant tell. no one can tell for sure. but what happens around us in our society seem to show the tendency that our future will end up like what happened in the movie.. people gaining weight, pollution, etc.

Monday, 22 September 2008

wao i am 'kreativ' blogger leh.. haha rewarded by my friend Ting! so proud! to accept the reward i have to reward 5 other blogger right! eh.. still thinking who shall i reward!
thx Ting

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Wild Life Park, Kota Kinabalu

Wild Life Park. entrance fee 5 bucks after "kami-ni-pelajar-dari-intec-semenanjung-mia" basically all the following pictures are animal's haha what you expect.. takkan can see james there... oh i dunno what they are called.. don expect the unexpected! except some animals la the common one...
like this lo!!

our first stop was the elepahants.. wao.. it was the second time i was so close with elephant. the first was in Zoo Negara.. Got wet because of their typical skill.. more elephants.. the darker one on the right.. it was chained and i guess the worker accidentally added ecstasy pill. keep shaking its head!! haha no la i think it is H.K.U. you got that H.K.U? if dunno ask la har!!

oh i see James... all the animals in wild life park very lazy!! they only do 3 things..
1. Sleep
2. Eat
3. Sex

long nose! name i dunno hehe

horny billy without the Y-s


like this picture so much!!
birds with same feather always stay together. same goes with human!

Warning! Warning!

adult content. only those who are 18 and above can proceed. if you aren't, pls continue proceed under the supervision of your parent or you can read under blanket or in room alone!

screencaps of homo-zebra
both are male!

the other one got up! got up and run away cos i think it is straight!

left alone! and its penis erected

getting flacid

the nymphomaniac bear! i update a lot eh.. got nothing to do.. that's why.. write lotsa crap

Saturday, 20 September 2008

empty humpty dumpty

the clock is ticking
my life is so empty
like a humpty dumpty
from left to right
and from right to left
doing the same mundane stuffs
over and over again

Friday, 19 September 2008

Kota Kinabalu through FUJI Z5

from observary tower

Sutera Harbour

went to KK. KK is quite a big city and i had lot of fun there despite of being sick most of the time. for the first time in my life i missed my home so much when i was in KK. perhaps i was frail and too weak. haha wanna share with you smth very embarassing! i kinda forgot what does "frail" mean! so when Cheryl said too me.. William, you look frail! then i answered "Is it?" i dunno why at that moment i din know what is frail! haha actually in chinese "is it?" for me it means 是吗?haha in English it sounds sarcastic! this thingy always happens to me you know! dun understand and just smile or say is it!! typical for a very chinese chinese like me! start speaking english 2 years ago.. haiya i dun care so much ad since i am going Germany anyway!

i wanted to go to island so much but at the end we din make it because of weather forecast! note! i said forecast oo i din say weather.. you know la malaysian weather forecast.. how accurate it would be!! so sad right!! haih stay there longer than others but the last few days the most frequent place i been to was the airport, no time for other places further from KK.. i feel guity for spending almost 1000 for this trip cos that's almost half of my dad's salary!!

taken at Sutera Harbour. so patriotic!
oh well i nv update blog for the sake of update hehe!