Friday, 8 August 2008

Penang baby!!!!

About 2 weeks ago during the weekend, Billy, Tim and Pat followed me back to my home town Sungai Petani. Actually their destination was not Sungai Petani, Penang instead. Haha i don’t really mind also since SP is very boring and I was going to Penang anyway for the St. Anne Feast. 

The first day, I brought them go around Sungai Petani for sightseeing after having breakfast. From south to north SP I drove. Pat was delighted to meet Yi Zhi in SP. I brought them to eat the famous Loh Mee in SP, but the Loh Mee there tastes normal, better than a lot other Loh Mee around, but typical Loh Mee lo. I am not the person who goes around and find nice food to eat. So I had no idea where to bring them to eat actually. 

Then after taking bath, we embarked on the journey to Penang with my parents. Haha! Six people had to squeeze in my Proton Iswara. It took us about 45 minutes to reach Penang Island but before we crossed the sea, we had our lunch at Chai Leng Park Seberang Jaya, according to my auntie, the stall there is famous for curry fishhead and onion chicken, but on that day they din cook the onion chicken so hehe!! Tak boleh makan!!! That makes no difference for me also cos got bone!!!! 

Curry Fishhead, Taohu, Mang Guang, Fried Chicken and etc. My parents rarely treated people to eat. so they were lucky!!

Then after that we dropped Pat at Queensbay Mall

just a random picture of the chandelier in Queensbay Mall...


Queensbay Mall (From Billy'cam)

The "handsome" Tim. can see Penang Bridge from the bay...

and then headed to the Snake Temple in Bayan Baru. 

The snake temple was very different with the snake temple that i have been many years ago. At that time there were many snakes all over the temple. But now i could only see 3 snakes. You can take pictures with the snakes but you have to pay 15rm for that. The day a snakes exhibition was held just behind the snake temple. Apparently it is a snake farm. The entrance fee is 5rm per person but if you have MyKad you can get 2rm discount! So each o us paid 3 bucks for the exhibition. Very cheap indeed! But whether it was worth or not, i will show some pictures first then tell you!!!

iguana!!! yerrrrr.. it was looking at me...

dunno what snake is this hehe!!!

this one aaa.. eh also dunno what it is..

in snake farm also.. eh what you trying to do.. that's not very good!!!!
omg!!!! what are you doing!!!! its very wrong... you are not supposed to do that to a kid!!(from Billy's DSLR)

then something unexpected happened that day... they had a special snake performance at 3:30 pm. so we decided to wait for the show!!!

But before they started the show, they kinda let the visitors to have a look at the snakes, the snake of the day was of course King Cobra. so we took a seat at the front row so that we could have a better look at the snakes during the performance.. when they opened the box.. the king cobra came out slowly from the box and looked around. The staffs talked and talked blah blah blah then suddenly the snake came to us!!! the King Cobra was so fast that we were stupified. i moved a few steps backward but Tim and Billy they just sat there.. fortunately the staff there managed to grab the snake and pull the snake back!!! phewwwww... no kidding we nearly died cos once we get bitten by that snake, we have to be sent to hospital in 15 minutes, if not we will be dead for sure!!. dont play play weh!!! 

neh neh this is the king cobra that scared me to death laaa!!!

then the show started.. though we nearly got bitten, we still sat at the same place where we had sat.  

he kissed the king cobra.. so pro and brave...can you see the scar on his left arm? he was once bitten by king cobra before and survived. the venom destroyed the some tissues of his arm. very few people actually can survive after being bitten by cobra

closer look at the cobra.. the picture very blur cos i zoomed it. very scared to get near!!!

was it worth watching? yes it was.. for those who is interested to watch the show., the show will be held only once a week(we were lucky enough to go there at the right time and on the right day) which is on saturday 3:30 pm. at Snake Temple

our next destination was St Anne Church in Bukit Mertajam. We went there for the St. Anne Feast. St. Anne  feast is an anual event  at the end of July. Catholics and also non believers from all over Malaysia  and even Thailand would come here every year for the feast.  For those who  doesn't know who is St. Anne. She  is the mother of St Mary.

Above: the old St. Anne Church 

"The church started in 1846. The main church was opened in 1888. It is now called the St. Anne's Shrine. It is the main church for the Feast Of St. Anne every year. In 1958, the parish opened another church. These church was called 'new church' for 48 years. It is now a centre. On 2002, the new church was opened. This church could fit 1,200 people. Work on the new St. Anne's Church started on 2000 and was completed on 2002. It was opened by the then Apostlic Delegate To Malaysia. Not only a new St. Anne's Church was constructed, the Dataran St. Anne was installed in front of the church. Domus St. Anne was also installed to accommodate pilgrims who intend to stay over. A parish office, parish community centre and canteen were also installed. On 2006, the church installed the 'Statues Of Passion'. These statues cost RM 600,000 all together. It shows the station of the cross. Currently, the parish priest for the church is Msgr. Stephen Liew." cited from wikipedia

The new Church

one of the costly 'Statues Of Passion' 

for more information about the church, visit the website below or you can wikipedia it

the road was closed for the ceremony more like a pasar malam..hehe

Billy and I were at the dataran St Anne

People from all over Malaysia and even Thailand came here for the feast. of course not everyone there was believer. Perhaps some are believers but not official believers

Reaching the top: Just beside the old church, there is a staircase to places-i-dunno-what-they- call-them.

that is one of the two places..

People climbed up the stairs to pray to Holy Grandmother St. Anne. See the sign on the right hand corner.. no candles. a fire broke out here before. since then no candles are allowed but the 2 places where there are people who supervise the places

the hill was crowded  with people, queuing along the staircase

At the top:

A group of people in a big circle, singing song and pray.. where? just right in front of the cross

St. Anne's Water

St. Anne Church at night. 

the furthest i could zoom with a tripod. that's the altar. The open air mass at night. thousands of people attented the mass and the organising committee deserved a big round of applause for the event. everything during the mass was so organized.

From left: my mum, my dad, me and Tim. i like this picture very much too bad billy was not in front of the camera but behind... thx Billy. picture taken by him using his camera... 

That's the end of the first day of our journey in Penang.

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