Friday, 11 July 2008

Digital Camera Magazine

just got that this afternoon.. this is the second DCM i bought..i will continue reading DCM cos i have fallen in love with photography...

Monday, 7 July 2008

Sagt Redang Aufwiedersehen!

Redang! oh Redang!
i dun have chance to say hallo to you!
nor goodbye
i wish i could
i wish i made up my mind ealier
not last minute
so indecisive i was
everything is too late..
no bus ticket pula!
end up at home

i save some money
but no memory
the reminiscence cant be bought
but without money you cant have it
(paradox? no idea)
remorseful i am indeed
what to do
stay at home lo
to do what
playing dota?
surfing internet?
watching drama?
sob! sob! sob!

update: wanna go 8TV summer concert in Melacca. but then i cant get ticket sweat! haih!
i am ocean-deep down!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sungai Petani

Clock tower-the landmark of Sungai Petani.

Went around town centre this morning. hehe and took lots of photos.. to those who haven step their feet in Sungai Petani or do not want to come Sungai Petani at all,
have a look at the pictures i took. wanna clarified that these pictures do not show the whole SP. just the town centre and also the old part of SP.. you can see lots of old buildings in the pictures

the route i took.. of course i took bus number eleven!! so tiring..
1. clock tower
2. SP plaza
3. Mosque
4. Taman Jubli Perak
5. bintang walk stage
6. Medan Selera
7. Hong Kong Bank
8. Hao Chiak Ke(ay)
9. Bus station.
10. balai polis
the 2nd 8. Centre Square
(amir if you read this using google reader, hah go my blog read and have a look at the photos pls buddy)
this is the Bintang Walk Sunagi Petani. and the building behind is SP Plaza, a shopping complex

that's me. i went alone. hehe

Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani Kedah, the tallest building in Sungai Petani

so called Bintang Walk SP. waste of money.. cos the quality of the road are really bad.. like dancing in the car like that.. better to describe it is like riding horse. every time driving through that terrible road.. someone might have masukpocket-ed the money.. haih... as usual

the stage where the Independence Day Parade is held here
stands for MAjlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani Kedah.. why there is a K pula cos MPSP stands for MP Seberang Prai.
place for people to loiter around especially at night, when the sky turns black and the lights are on.
Standing at the middle of the road. this is the road to my primary school and also secondary school...

Big Mosque. its very hard to get a nice pic cos surrounding the mosque are big gigantic trees

anyone knows what does that mean?

Taman Jubli Perak

hallo! its me again!!!

help help!!! giant alligator jumping out from the lake!!!
hallo its me again.. peace!!!!

finally can see myself
the busiest junction in SP!!! and alos i hate the most cos have to wait very long!!!

Police Station Sungai Petani.. this is the old one. they have a new big headquarter

can you see that!!! ehmmm


Bus station.. haih sad lo.. the worst bus station i have ever seen!!!! SOMEONE always promise to build a new one like since 10 years ago. but they never kept their promise... haih i wonder whos that SOMEONE is
the shops at the bus station.. those are very old shops, more than 20 years old ad...
Busy road..

old shop lots

Hong Kong Bank.. used to be nicest building in SP
until they painted some part of the building red

er jie.. (2nd Street). very hard to find parking here!!!!

Hao Chiak Ke (Hokkien) they only open in evening. lot of people come here eat. mostly chinese. trust me.. lots of nice food here. for malays there is a street called Medan Selera..beside the hong kong bank

the building is deserted after a fire broke out here.. the tree grows from the inside out

Sungai Sungai Petani!! filthiest river ever. even worse than the Shah Alam's. very smelly.. ishh

that's the bridge for train. what a unpleasant view..

see the river clogged with rubbish

Centre Square, shopping complex. the one and only cinema in SP is there.. GSC

its me again..

Hemodialysis Centre in SP

in my house!! very beautiful flowers right. my mum's effort. just realized when i just about to go out this morning

Village mall. you can find some branded stuff there.. Starbucks also. i took this some other day when i had my dinner at the OLD TOWN Kopitiam