Friday, 30 May 2008

Selah Trip

all photos posted here are taken by me and some are from Billy and Tim.
3 days ago, we embarked on a journey, called "Selah Trip" by Patricia. The objective of this trip is to capture the symbolic features and moments of Kuala Lumpur. The trip has dawn on me the beauty of my own country and also the negative side of it. i have been here in Shah Alam, near KL for almost 2 years, i never ever before walked around KL. most of the time, i went to Shopping malls for shopping and loitering around there. but this time we just walked and just took pictures, and we spent almost 12 hours walking around KL and even waited until night tho take the photos of Petronas Twin Tower. yeah, indeed we are crazy, especially during exam, but it was fun though. Looking at all the pictures we have taken, i never regret for that as the trip is indeed memorable and i treasure the time i spent together with my friends. For the sake of this trip and good pictures of the twin tower at night, i bought a tripod. it cost me 50rm and it looks like those which cost more than 100rm something. next destination after the exam>>> i hope PutraJaya but traveling there would me very tedious.

everyone keeps saying my cam lousy.. manage to proved them wrong....

Front view

that's the chandelier at the lobby. look carefully at the chandelier. Do you realize that its shape is actually the shape of the tower. the tip of the tower?
Fountain behind the towers and in front of the Suria KLCC entrance. wished to take more photos of the fountain. but the lake close at 10.(yi en i know what you are thinking of) the meaning of the lake close as in we are not allow to step our feet on the garden and no more water display..
taken when we walked out from the PUTRA LRT station

the lake behind the towers

tim and billy. billy setting up the tripod

three of us and KL tower
Me and tim. behind us is Public bank building i guess. just directly in front of the KLCC main entrance
he try to point smth behind me.. but i realised in time.. not that we are couple holding hand...

nice picture right.. from left> Billy, me and tim.. really cool lo the picture

billy dancing like Mr Bean. very funny. i wish i could upload the video. but the internet speed here in cemara doesnt allow me to upload the video.. really funny
patriotism. hugging the jalur gemilang

Pat: this is a river right... KL river izzit so dirty..
me: haiya. this is not river.. just a big longkang... dont you know that the size of the longkang is proportional to the size of the city! so it is big KL longkang
Pat: *sweat*

Mr. Tarzan in the concrete jungle
Dataran Merdeka..
they kept saying i jump like a girl!!
jump aa... hmm.. who's this? jumping like a guy

oppssss.. it's Pat... sorry Pat

ALG super seniors to be
In front of the Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad
from left> Pei Ling, Betty, Pat, me, Tim, Billy.. actually we trying to block the bus that stop in front of the building.. memang spoiler...the bus.. hehe that's why i so tall.. have to stand on tiptoe

really nice picture... you know why tim took this picture? because of my big A**
see Kate Moss in malaysia you dunno.. see. oh i am taking pictures of Kate Moss.. see Kate Moss is posing in front of the camera dunno holding what... may be tiang kot...
may be cannot see hor... below is the enlarged picture
like pro bo?

Busy road in KL

PAT: nowadays people dont read much and make full use of the time.. see i go travel also bring newspaper... i am a good role model
we missed the last train(i think so) hehe then we decided to stay overnight at McD KL central and study..
for more pictures visit my facebook...

I know
I know
too relaxing i have been
this holiday which should be fully used to revise
but (sigh)
to no avail
i just could not concentrate on my revision
what i did was rather unbelievable for some of my friends

now i feel tired, exhausted,
for the past few days i have been lackadaisical towards my exam....
i know i have to study study study
what to do now.. study? lack of motivation
really rely heavily on luck in this exam...
however, i enjoyed myself traveling in KL with my friends
without a trace of regret...
hope there are trips like this in near future

Monday, 26 May 2008


yesterday night
was shocked and dumbfounded
when somebody told me
a friend of mine, something happened to him
something bad
i smiled but at the same time worried
he challenged the regulation
he broke the rule
and get caught red-handed
dunno why
i worry about him..
hope, that nothing bad would happen to him
hope, that everything would be fine

a good friend...
indeed he is

this wednesday,
going out for taking photo around KL with Billy and Tim
at the same time book fair in KLCC..
plan to study there also whilst waiting until night time to come
taking pictures of KLCC at night..
crazy? yeah we are..

Saturday, 24 May 2008


try to snap the whole twin towers but i was too near.. they are blocked

Friday, 23 May 2008

just wanna share some jokes sent by my friend via email.

A boy came home from school with his exam results.
' What did you get?' asked his father.
' My marks are under water,' said the boy.
' What do you mean 'under water'?'
' They are all below 'C' (sea) level !'

Girl: Do you love me?
Boy: Yes Dear.
Girl: Would you die for me?
Boy: No la, mine is undying love only !!!

Man: How old is your father?
Boy: Same as me la.
Man: How can that be?
Boy: He only became a father when I born lo !!!

Father: Your teacher says she finds it impossible to teach you anything!
Son: That's why I tell you she's no good!

there is one from tim.. after some modification as i have forgotten the actual dialogue

Yi en: look at that.. (on the wall: the restaurant was graded C)the food here lousy la
billy: but the place looks nice...may be is the kitchen...
tiim: it is C-Food (seafood) restaurant ma...

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Sacrifice Legs for Freedom

Freedom comes with a great cost

A rescuer carries Yang Liu, wearing a helmet, from the rubble after doctors amputated her legs to free her at a collapsed school in the township of Hanwang, in Mianzhu city north of Chengdu, on Thursday.

From Star newspaper.

Using a fireman's axe, scissors, and a kitchen knife, Li Yinxian amputated the legs of a young boy in a desperate bid to free him from the rubble of his school, only to watch him die slowly

"When i told the boy i was going to cut off his legs, he just said 'go ahead', please save me! i don't need them'," Li Yinxian, a doctor aiding rescue efforts after China's devastating earthquake, told Beijing News.

some people might probably ask, 'why don't they just remove the rubble to free the victims.
izzit because the rubbles are too heavy?
No, after about 10 to 20 minutes if the legs are not removed and freed from the rubbles, they have to be amputated. if the rubbles are removed, it could be fatal as well. My doctor used to train me told me during first aid training. because the blood trapped in the leg once freed, the toxic blood will rush to the liver i guess and die something like that. i am a first aider but this is doctor stuff hehe.. not so sure

i was quite sad.. sad.. hmm not the right word to use.. dumbfounded and sympathized with the boy and the girl. sacrifice for freedoom.... she should be thankful cos she survived, indeed lucky compared to those who didn't. although without legs and her life would be inconvenient and difficult, at least she is still alive. that's more important...

i kept thinking, what would happen to her in the future, without her legs.. What would happen to the parents whose children buried under the rubbles, which used to be their place to gain knowledge and free themselves from poverty. and how many people will hate government for the birth control system China? what is the fate of those children who have now become orphans?

This catastrophe just swiped away all the anticipation and enthusiasm for the coming olympic game. what was supposed to be fun and exciting now has been displaced by the grief and mourning.

sad.. it is 2 o'clock in the morning later i have exam. i am writing this just to hope that everyone can play their part to help those who need humanitarian aid and concerns.

i am indeed lucky to be in Malaysia, no vicious murderer like earthquake, volcano, cyclone, tornado...........

read the news below.... good night!
pictures taken from


HANWANG, China - Chinese doctors amputated a teenage girl's crushed legs on Thursday, the only way they could pull her alive from the wreckage of her school three days after an earthquake flattened swathes of the country's southwest.

Yang Liu was trapped in what appeared to be a doorway by Monday's massive 7.9 magnitude quake, near the top of a massive pile of bricks and concrete.

Her position likely saved her life.

Moments after the hasty, on-site surgery took place, doctors carried her down the hill of rubble, before speeding off in a waiting ambulance to hospital in the nearby city of Deyang.

"We saved her," said one of the doctors involved, walking away from the site still wearing a face mask and with a stethoscope around his neck. "Her condition is still quite precarious."

On Wednesday, rescuers had led a photojournalist to the school to take pictures of Yang for surgeons to study in preparation.

As doctors did their work, cranes clearing the site halted and the crowd at the school ground, many of them relatives of the victim, fell silent.

Another doctor, surnamed Wang, said the whole operation took less than 20 minutes.

"It didn't take long at all, they just needed to cut through the bones," he said.

Rescuers then returned to the grim task of sifting through the rubble, pulling several contorted bodies from the remains of the school just moments after doctors had finished their work.

Rising toll
Separately on Thursday, the government warned that the death toll from this week's earthquake could soar to 50,000.

The confirmed death toll reached 19,509, up from the nearly 15,000 confirmed dead the day before, according to the Earthquake and Disaster Relief Headquarters of the State Council, the country's Cabinet. The council said deaths could rise to some 50,000, state TV reported.

The government also appealed to the Chinese public calling for donations of rescue equipment including hammers, shovels, demolition tools and rubber boats. The plea on the Ministry of Information Industry's Web Site said, for example, that 100 cranes were needed.

More than 130,000 soldiers and police joined the relief operation, Xinhua said.

"This is only a beginning of this battle, and a long way lies ahead of us," Vice Health Minister Gao Qiang told reporters in Beijing.

"We will never give up hope," he said. "For every thread of hope, our efforts will increase 100-fold. We will never give up."

Friday, 16 May 2008

cam-whoring in INTEC..

Today is Friday and also teacher's day. Not many people were in the library. I was quite depressed today. Feeling reluctantly to drag myself out of the bed to come to INTEC, i still have headache thought i slept the whole Thursday. But then i have to come to INTEC, if not i would have continued sleeping. only a few people were in INTEC, the library was quiet and i, sitting alone at the corner, did my revision for the coming exam.

the main reason i came to library because i would sleep if i stay at hostel. but then coming to library and realizing the atmosphere is so quiet and boring, i tend to do something else to ensure myself stay awake and focus. so every 5 minutes i walked around and snapped some pictures. Yeah you can call me a cam whore but i really like taking pictures because pictures help me to remember. when the time my hair turns white and i am too old for all those crazy stuffs, i could just sit on the couch and enjoy the sweet reminiscence by flipping over the photo albums.

walking around the library to discover things
in my previous post i discovered the view from the rooftop of the library. today i went again with my friend. today it was quite windy on top on the roof and it felt great to be outside. when the wind touched my face and body, i felt refreshing and warm, so comfortable.
My friend, i brought her up there, to relax a bit she had exam after this..
its INTEC library's toilet. i frequent to the toilet because the air cond is too cold....

there are many windows in the library. i snapped some pictures from the windows. that is the window at the staircase

that is the tennis court. at first when i told everyone that that is tennis court, no one actually believed what i said. That's really tennis courts, but still under construction. there was once i kept telling everyone that Prof. Habibah actually agreed to build tennis courts because of my video. she has a copy of my video. i gave her and she sent me a sms as appreciation. hehe i dun care what people think, but i really think it is because of my video lo.. Surely you think it is impossible. but i dun care. i like to think this way. freedom of thinking.

So happy! that is my tennis racquet. i bought it because i want to learn to play tennis and second people keep saying that I always talk only and i wont buy one... finally i proved them wrong. i bought one. too bad until now i still suck at tennis, really hope someone is willing to teach me how to play. i dun wan to waste my money

i did alot of crazy stuff in class. this is one of the examples.

see. my classmate, yoong also joined me

do you see the map of Germany ? i did that. yeah..

Camwhore in front of the junior's class. i really like my phone so much..

saw that on ALG noticeboard. juniors are so supportive. thank you guys!!!!!

oppss it's 8:30 still havent had my dinner. sad.. have to force myself to indulge in the loneliness. been alone for most of my meals nowadays.. haha