Friday, 28 March 2008

Happy Moments

Happy - Happy Moments

Happy moments. Happy moment, by my definition, is a moment where (of course i feel delighted) i really hope the time would stop and i could have more time to enjoy being in the happy moment. I would be able to cherish the memory of those happy moments will be in stay in my mind as long as I can remember.

Due to the busy schedule i have, i seldom browse through all the pictures in my computer. After browsing them one by one, it really dawns on me that time goes by very fast. browsing through the picture library refreshed my memory of my childhood and "teenage-hood".I cherish the memory of those days in secondary school. Being together with my classmates and best friends in secondary school is one of the happy and treasured moment of mine. on the photo are the three musketeers of my class 5.0. the photo taken after the graduation ceremony. sadly that is the last photo we took together. no matter how strong the bond of the friendship is, death will always have great energy to break the strong attraction.
a few days before SPM, the syllabus finished, lazy to do revision, what other things better than snapping photos with friends to release the accumulated stress.
we won the annual school foot drill competition after so many years of hard work which ended in failure. finally we managed to win the cup in my final year in St. John marching competition.
That's me, the one checking the "casualty's" abdomen. It was the state first aid competition. this photo doesn't directly capture the happy moment but it made me feel happy that i could represent Kedah Tengah to compete in state level competition. and then Kedah in national level. I proud that i was once a St. John member.

I received the prize on behalf of my team during a prize-giving ceremony by the Jabatan Pedidikan Daerah.

Yeah!! my birthday!! that's really the happiest moment of my life when i received a sms from my parents. because i feel flattered and excited that my parents sent this to be on my birthday. never in my life before, my parent said this to me!!!
My family!!! From left: mum, bro and me. my brother came back from Japan during holiday. really happy that we were cam-whoring together.
i appreciate every moment i spend with my family. when you owns something, you don't really appreciate it. when you already lost the thing, only you realize its importance. Now, my Bro in Japan, my parents in SP while i in Shah Alam. haih....

Seeing other people happy makes you happy as well. My classmates and i always go out together for meal. because of Das Freundschatfsbewährungsprinzip (Prinsip Keabadian Persahabatan ), Our class motto!! in German.

the birthday girl or boy have to belanja the whole class makan on his/her birthday.

When we are together, we always do a lot of crazy stuff,

Crazy things number 1:this photo taken on the road in front of PKNS shopping complex. We had to watch out for the coming cars while snapping photo. though dangerous, it was fun.

crazy things number 2:my classmates jumping around during recess. total verrückt(crazy)!!!!

crazy things number 3:
Zombies conquering IPBA!!!

Having meal together with friends together instead of eating alone everyday makes me happy. Food would be tastier if you eat with your friends.

Happy moments are immortalized through photos. Photo captures the happy moments in our life and when we are old and look back all these photos taken, we would smile or laugh at ourselves for all the stupid and crazy things that we have done. For me that would be the happy moment.

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Happy - Happy Moments

Saturday, 22 March 2008









要维持一段感情,朋友或是情侣,很考功夫。对我来说,那太难了。有时候,你很想跟朋友好好的相处,晚餐一起在mamak档用餐,周末一起逛逛街,和他们聊聊天。 那对我来说,可以跟朋友这样在一起,我已经很满足了。跟朋友吵架,最后选择让步, 把所有的不满和怒气都吞下去;这治标不治本的方法,问题始终还是存在,第二次复发时,问题的威力会更大。


如果找到好朋友,一定要珍惜, 以免后悔莫及。


看清楚, 想清楚,了解清楚

看清楚, 想清楚,了解清楚

一寸光阴一寸金, 寸金难买寸光阴

Sunday, 16 March 2008



我拥有Hiro Nakamura 的超能力;




Saturday, 15 March 2008

Penang. Election's Aftermath

This is how Penang looks like after the political Tsunami. it is still the same Penang before the election, physically. Not much thing changes, yet. People in offices, homes, market, every where in Penang or perhaps whole Malaysia, have doubts and questions about the future of Penang. Everyday we flip through the newspapers and watch the news on TV to update themselves regarding the issues of election aftermath, especially now that the ex-opposition party has taken over BN. Would Penang become more developed and a better place to live? What would and could the new Government bring about? How is the fate of BN as opposition party? I wanted to express my opinion, but i don't want to end up like the famous INTEC blog queen, CopyKate. Let time clears all the doubts.

Some pictures of Penang

Penang's tallest building, Komtar. (Photo taken from the ferry so it is reasonable that the buildings are quite small and the quality is not high)

Penang's Ferry. Ferries in Penang travel everyday umpteen times to transport people from the mainland to the Island and they have become one of the landmarks represent Penang.
Taken in the car on the Penang Bridge. Accidents happen quite frequently on this one-side-two-lanes bridge which is very narrow and causes serious traffic congestion along the bridge.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

My Yukata

Apa tu Yukata?
Yukata ni salah satu pakaian tradisional orang Jepun.

Yukata ni kepunyaan siapa?
sudah tentu milik penulis blog ni.

Siapa yang membeli Yukata?
Abang penulis blog ni.

Siapa orang ni?
Penulis blog ni la!!

My brother bought me a Yukata from Japan. What is Yukata? Yukata, literally means bathing clothes, worn after bath and made usually from cotton rather than silk. Nowadays people usually worn during summer events and annual firework display in Japan.

How do i look like in Yukata? i hear you. Handsome right! haha! Just kidding because the possibility of you guys have such opinion is negative value.

I like it very much and it costs a lot. Yeah i can bath in Japan!!! (supposedly this is a joke, i think. Funny?)

Sunday, 2 March 2008

The Immigrant

25th May 2050, Wednesday at exactly five thirty in the evening, like any other typical weekday in Colony 512, people flocked to the train stations going back home after work. I, as usual, was waiting for the train at Menschen Train Station, alone.

“Daddy, you look tired.” Serene said, hugging my thigh.

I smiled.

Before the arrival of the train, I observed the frustrated commuters. Everyone seemed to be busy coping and adapting themselves to the new alienated environment. But deep inside their hearts, there was an intense degree of misery and depression over the disaster that occurred two years ago to our home. Though impossible, they tried very hard, trying to hide the painful, miserable bitter memories of theirs and covering up the scars that seared on them. The best way to free themselves from these dark memories was to forget and let go. I understood their feelings because I have undergone the same things like them, being the Immigrant.

The train finally arrived. As always, I took one of the single seats by the window.

“Daddy! Daddy! Look at the sky! Isn’t that beautiful? Serene asked, sitting beside me with her finger pointing at the orange sky. “Daddy, I want to touch the sky,”

I smiled.

Looking up at the orange yellowish sky and the beautiful sunset, I thought it was the same sky I was looking at 2 years ago, so beautiful and calm, but it was not and would never be. The sky I was looking right now was just another human’s ultimate creation to delude ourselves, to cover up the mistakes they have done to our home. They thought they were godlike, saviors that everyone worshipped and was devoted to. I was once fooled by them that I was convinced that I have never left my home. Then the painful memories in my mind brought me to realization, reality. The sky that serene and I once fall in love with was already gone; what was left now was just an illusion or scientifically holographic images designed to fulfill people’ feelings of being home.

“Marie Ketchum, Live from BBC News, the scientists have failed to develop artificial ozone as supplement to the disappearing ozone layer in our atmosphere and reduce the highly concentrated anti-ozone gas, N-O3, which was accidentally released to atmosphere during the explosion of the IRC, International Research Center in Antarctica. The size of the holes in ozone layer is becoming bigger and the death toll in the area affected especially the countries in southern hemisphere is increasing sharply due to the direct penetration of UV light through the atmosphere. Within six-months-time the ozone layer would be gone completely and lead to the complete annihilation of human Race.”

Sitting by the window in the train, the scenery that passed by me was no more lively and exuberant. There were no plants and animals, but towering buildings all over the colony. The scientists were intelligent but not godlike. They could not create the essential need of the plants to grow which is the soil with minerals. What we had right now was just dead soil, which could not sustain the plants at all.

“Daddy, Daddy! Have a look at the flower I plucked from school, isn’t it beautiful?” Serene asked, sitting on my lap, “I want to be as pretty as the flower.”

“Serene, you will always be my beautiful princess, prettier than any flowers in the world.” I replied.

“Daddy, I want to have a garden, filled with beautiful flowers that I love!” requested my princess

“But you must take good care of the flowers, ok? I smiled. “Your mother would have been proud of you.”

The reminiscence of playing around with my family in my house’s garden seemed to be the only thing that reminds me that how the plants and animals looked like and provides me the strength to live on.

A stroll on the street after getting off the train was not that enjoyable. Before the catastrophe I enjoyed listening to the laughter and people chatting around while walking down the street; it helped to cheer me up. However people around me have changed drastically since the tragedy. Walking on the street was like walking among zombies, or lifeless mannequins due to the suffering they have undergone and the lost of their loved ones. The faith in god has been long lost since the near-annihilation of human race from the world. The world I lived in right now was opposite the world I had lived in 2 years before. The Colony 512 was the duplicate of our earth, but still colony would not be able to replace the very home we had had once.

“Live from Kennedy Space Station, as we can see, behind me there are 10 gigantic space shuttles for the Earth Evacuation Plan 512 as the last resort to save and preserve the survival of human race in this universe as the catastrophe has wiped off more than half of the human population on earth. These 10 shuttles will be departing in one hour. Same plan will be carried out by China, Russia and European Union to send as much people as possible to the Colony 512 which was built 3 years ago on the moon.”

I remember vividly the last moment on the earth. Never ever I would forget that last glance of the earth with my own eyes.

“Attention all the Immigrants, please proceed to the shuttles right away. Repeat, all Immigrants please proceed to the shuttles right away.” The announcement from the loudspeakers placed around the Kennedy Space Station was loud enough to silence the crowd for a split of second. I boarded the shuttle, alone. After a while, the shuttle was launched to the space. From the small window right beside me on the shuttle, the earth was no more coloured with soil brown, water blue, grass green and cloud white colour. What was left on earth was just the damage that human has done on our very own mother nature, the Earth.

Would I be able to return the home? How long would I be staying here on the moon? I asked myself, standing alone on the balcony of my apartment, looking at the photo of Serene and I, taken in her beautiful garden.

“Serene, I managed to go beyond the sky that you wanted to touch so much. Where are you now? Are you happy with your mother now? She must have taken good care of you right now.”

Standing at the edge of the balcony and looking at the streets hundreds meter down below, I missed them so much. Serene and her mother were just one step away from me. I recalled the last word Serene told me when she blew her last breath.

“Mr. Franklin, sorry, we have done everything we could. Your daughter’s condition is critical, her skin is suffering from serious infection and skin discoloration and wounds that couldn’t heal,’’ the doctor informed me, the same line that he had repeated so many times to the victims’ family members. I turned the door knob and entered my daughter’s room. Lying on the bed with a lily clip on her hair, she looked beautiful as always. Streams of tear flowed out from the eyes of the family guy, continuously.

“Daddy, do I look very ugly now?” she asked, smiling.

I knelt beside her, disbelieving that she could be that strong, stronger than any ordinary 7-years-old, and even adult.

“No, Serene, you are still my beautiful princess, always.”

“Daddy, I love you. You have to take good care of yourself, without me beside you. You will always be my Hero. Be strong and li……ve…… on……………”

The strong wind blew on me and the sudden chill brought me back to the presence. I stepped back, away from the edge of the balcony.

“Serene, I can imagine you right now, playing with your mother in the garden and surrounded by a lot of beautiful flowers. Serene, I won’t be with you now, perhaps 60 years later. I want to be as strong as you. You have given me the strength to live on. Wait for me and we can have fun together in our very own paradise, ok? I promise.” I told Serene, looking at the lifeless earth from moon instead of looking at the beautiful moon from earth.

Saturday, 1 March 2008



shhhhhhhh. listen

The fans spinning.
The traffic beside the block.
The newspaper flipping.
soft but clear
peaceful yet lonely
busy but lazy

one more week
just one more week
the bad dream ends
but two more months
the nightmare comes

lying on the bed
listening to the surroundings
everything seems peaceful
but what lies ahead still unknown
the worries creep in

my will and determination
my laziness overpowers

preparation for the bad dream
already too late
preparation for the nightmare
just started perhaps too late

the anxiety creeps in

run and run and run
against the newton forth dimension
the unknown remains blurry and foggy