Sunday, 16 December 2007


GMI this is the place i have spent 3-week-time after the exam.

Finally, the end-of-semester exam has come to an end. I am really glad that the exam is over now but sadly I still have to stay back for practical training in GMI. Oh GMI stands for German Malaysian Institute. People always ask: Where and what is GMI? Never heard of it before (meaning it is not famous and perhaps lousy)! But when I say: oh it is German Malaysian Institute, Training for Advanced Technology. Wow! All of a sudden people have second thought about GMI. Oh! Germany wooow! Must be a very ho liao punya institute! Imagine the college might have the technology from Germany! I had the same thought like that also but not until I have been to the college and seen it with my own eyes. The wow factor suddenly vanished into thin air.

i spent most of my time chatting with 周公. literally sleeping haha!!!

Studying in GMI is really a torment. Life during GMI time is so boring and freaking tiring. Traveling every day by INTEC bus to and fro from Shah Alam to Cheras, really worn me out badly. Actually I don’t mind travelling like that every day, if studying there is worth the effort and the suffering. But the fact is that in GMI the class starts from 8 6 p.m. and I think we just have about not more than 3 hours class while the rest of the time either the lecturer would go to somewhere else for break or we would be having break. Speaking the truth, most of the lecturers there are utterly lazy and the syllabus for our course is ridiculously too much for us. All the notes given are prepared for the diploma course and the area covered is way too big for the short course we are taking. The lecturers either they skip a lot or teach at the speed of light. I am 99.9% sure that most of them do the former.

using a program called UniTr@in during E-Digital class to prove the Boolean Theorem for logic gates.somemore

Why almost? Frankly, I do learn something there, some practical training stuff like soldering, Bench work and AUTOCAD. The module I like the most is actually bench work. During bench work class, we learn how to model parts of a machine using mild steel. NO machines allowed! We had to file the rusty piece of metal into the desired shape. For one whole week, we only filed, and filed and filed to get accurate dimensions. Filing continuously drained all the energy out of me and it was freaking boring. After this bench work module, I change my mind set on measurement that 1mm to me is never as small as I use to think anymore. With 2-hour-continuous-filing, I only managed to file 1 mm and 2 mm more to go. 3mm.. eh le, sikit saja kan!! That’s only one side, dude! But every time when I filed to the desired dimension, all of a sudden, my body somehow was replenished and overwhelmed with the joy and satisfaction. This is because I did all that with my own hands, my own effort. Yeah!!!! I always have the belief of “慢工出细货” it means that quality is more important despite of the slowness. (of course not in tortoise speed!!)

Behold!!!! my beautifully crafted WORKPIECE!!!

Sweat!!! Poor skill... plenty of room for improvement.
BTW, this is me wearing GMI's dusk coat and holding my workpiece

After undergoing this practical training, I came to the realization that, theories and practical are both equally important in becoming a successful engineer. No offence please! But it really shows me the failure of the Malaysian exam-based education system. Answering exam question or studying and memorizing all the theories might be quite easy, but when the time comes when you have to apply all the stuff we have learned on practical, it is totally different thing and not as easy as you think it is. If you want construct a simple circuit consists of just a switch, a few resistors, buzzer and light bulb on a strip board, it is not simple as it seems. We need skills and full understanding on how the circuit works and we ought to be flexible and think creatively. As the Chinese saying goes ‘死读书, 读书死!’ which means if we just study, study and study without practical application, most probably we would end up finding an dead end. Flexibility and creativity are the most important criteria an engineer should have. So a student who scores in exam might not be successful in future career where application of the theories is crucial.

Random pic>>

AAAAA!! Fire! Fire! where the hell is the key?

hey kids. dun play with this!!!

spent most the free time reading newspaper..
browsing for the showtime for movie!! haha!

Mamak stall just outside GMI

Enough about GMI! One thing that actually keeps me ‘alive’ there is actually the food there. After staying here in Shah Alam and eating Malay and mamak food for more than a year, I really miss eating Chinese food. Haha!

I am not referring to food-which-shall-not-be-mentioned. Basically, most of the time, I just eat vegetable and beans because of my special eating habit of mine. For those who still don’t know what I am saying, I don’t eat meat with bone. Don’t ask me why. Phobia I guess! I never find out why and I don’t want to. The time I treasure the most is during the lunch! oh we discovered a shopping place in Cheras called Queen's Park Cheras, Jalan Peel (next to Carrefour)! they sell a lot of branded stuff at cheap price! Got Esprit, Mango, FOS, Giordano, Nike, CK etc.

hey trees! you think you can block me from reaching the sky! no matter how hard it would be i will try my best to conquer and overcome all the deterrent and huddles you have installed for me!!! (Crapping)

After this GMI, I must start doing revision and preparation for the coming A-Level exam. Next semester is the 4th semester and it will be the last. I really hope I could concentrate well despite of the distractions. My housemate might be leaving soon, if he is, then I would be alone and miss him so much. May be we don’t look like best friends, but he will always, always be my best friend. (my housemate, if you read this, just pretend that you never read this. Hahaha!)

Saturday, 8 December 2007

huh! Das Podium is BI?

Das Podium Eure Nachrichten!

it has been one year since i created this blog. Now the reporters of Das Podium has increased from the two who are grace and I to five. They are Patricia, Amir and Helen. Every week we updates our Blog and reports the activities and news about ALG program. One copy will be pasted on the board of ALG in block U.
Thanks to all the "reporters" of Das Podium, now the blog is bilingual. Before that, all the posts were in German and nobody but ALG people could understand. (suggested by Shi Han)

"It's better you make this blog bilingual....
though I can't understand at all,
I will always support you bunch of amazing people
who dare to take up such a difficult language.
Of course this is only my humble opinion"

Si Han

i really hope by doing this, other students from other programs can understand and know us better through this blog.
Visit our blog at and help us to promote this blog to everybody. thank you