Wednesday, 28 November 2007

If i were Anna Fitzgerald

Most of the people start reading novel since secondary or primary school. but for me i started quite late because before that i couldn't focus on one thing for more than half an hour. As time goes on, i realized that my exposure to English was not enough as i barely spoke English in school and at home. For the past 18 years of my life i talked 99% in Chinese. (No wonder i have problem talking in English when i first came to INTEC). It has never been easy for me because i can't listen clearly to what my friends say and i have trouble speaking, the pronunciation of course.(i use present tense). people correct me all the time! i did mind at first but it turned out to be beneficial for me. my English improving!

Back to reading.
My first novel was Harry Potter and i started reading it after the SPM exam because i had too much time. At first i just read for the sake of killing time and widen my vocab. but at the end i find myself falling in love with reading books. As the result, more and more books i read, such as Dan Brown's, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mitch Albom's etc for me i don't actually have the particular genre of book i like to read. most of the time i read books which are bestsellers or recommended by my friends. Why? i don't want to be bored to death and moreover, i don't have much time to spend on novel.

Of so many books i have read until now, the most recent book i have read is My Sister's Keeper. have anybody read this book? i bet a lot of people have. I spent one week time to finish reading this book. My Sister's Keeper is special for me. it made me cry. Some of my friends said that the story is unreal and it is indeed a lousy book or whatsoever. Actually for me, most of the stories is unreal that's why they are called fiction.

My Sister's Keeper: if you use one of your children to save the life of another, are you being a good mother or a very bad one?
if you were to ask me this question, from the parent's point of view, the answer would be the formal.
If i were Anna, i will definitely save Kate even thought i know the truth that i was conceived just to be the donor for Kate. we all have our own destiny, some are great while some are not. if i were born to save Kate, i will take it as my destiny although i could have achieved something great in my life, pursuing my dream and doing what i want to do without concerning Kate. may be i am fated to help her although perhaps some part of me might refuses to accept that fact. Why? because she is my sister, it's just that simple. i won't allow my sister die whether it is against the God's will. in my opinion, that's My choice and My will. God never wants people to give up hope. Pain and suffering are just part of our life or perhaps a test from God. i will never give up until Kate blows her last breath because i don't want to regret in the aftermath of her death.

Speaking from my own experience,
i lost my best friend before to cancer, i was regretful for not spending more time with him and treating him better or doing whatever i could to help him, even if he needs a kidney from me, or bone marrow, i don't mind. i never understand his pain and suffering, but i wish i could go back in time just to be beside him and support him. this realization didn't came to me before his death. how regretful i am not to be by his side even when he blew his last breath!

My point is that what happens in My Sister's Keeper is not that unreal. it could happen, just that someone has to step up and be brave enough to sacrifice willingly for their loved ones.

(of course i know that things are easier to be said that to be done! i don't know i will be what i want to be. but i will know when time comes.)

Saturday, 24 November 2007


Just want to offer my friends some 'petrol' !

To all my friends taking STPM
, I wish you guys all the best and make sure you guys take good care of yourselves especially now during the exam period. Never ever give up these important exam of yours just because of the stress or you just want the exam to end as soon as possible just because you have not performed well in the past papers. Believe me this kind of feelings, i had it before and i believe everyone has same experience, but on no account should we give up. the past is past, don't turn around and look back. what is more important lies in front of us, the future. make sure you try your best so that you won't be regretful when you have your result slip in your hand! Finish the exam with pride and dignity.(just crapping Haha! i myself also have difficulty doing what i have written above! but i always encourage myself during the exam and sometime this motivation i give to myself during exam actually does work and rejuvenate me.)

不要放弃! 向前冲啊!
好好照顾自己的身体! 向"废寝忘食"说不!
加油! 加油!


Thursday, 1 November 2007

Alarm Clock

the alarm clock went off abruptly
the loud irritating noise woke me up
i have no idea who set the alarm for me
i felt very tired and my head was aching
i must have slept quite a long time

After i regained full consciousness
A lot of questions came to my mind
one by one
How long have i slept?
Who set the alarm clock for me?
I felt that i am completely different person
then who am i?
i wish i know the answer

all i know is that
during the long sleep
i dreamt myself in a land of fantasy
a beautiful place with no worries
there i could enjoy my life to the fullest
regardless the exam and homework
shopping for branded clothes
eating expensive food
even day-dreaming during the lesson
i became i totally different person

all of a sudden
a loud sound came out of no where
my fantasy land vanished into thin air
slowly i opened my eyes
finding the source of the loud noise

it came from the alarm clock
right beside me
it has been there for a long time
but the alarm never went off
however today it went off
i was dragged out of my dream
i realized i am lacking behind
where is the strong will power and determination
that have driven me to the peak of the mountain?

the alarm clock should have gone off earlier
nevertheless, i still have one more semester to go.
i will appreciate the every second left.
i hope the alarm clock will always be there for me