Friday, 26 October 2007


It has been one year
attending CA fortnightly
but as an outsider
People has been asking me why
Since I am a free thinker

CA has become part of my life
a place where I feel calm and free
an outlet for me to get away from stress
and mix around with others

People from different courses
come together under one roof
praise the Lord Jesus
worship the Lord Jesus

frankly and truthfully
i have done neither
because I'm still finding the answer

For the past 19 years of my life
I have been an outsider
attending mass with my family
and Sunday school with my brother
until now I remain as who I am
still an outsider

unlike my brother
I was given the freedom to choose
which religion I want to believe in
however until now I am yet belonged to any

I keep asking myself
why I can’t make up my mind
am I ready to be belonged?
Or free thinker suits me better

I’ll stay as an outsider
as long as the answer is yet to be found

Saturday, 13 October 2007



你离开我们已有一段时间了. 去年生日, 你和芯仪送我这块石头. 虽然它只是区区的一块石头, 到处都可以找到, 但是它是我目前收到最有意识的一份礼物. 心意不是用金钱来衡量的, 是否真心才是最重要. 不管你送的是什么. 我还是很高兴, 因为你虽然有病在身, 还是记得我的生日.

我很感激你对我做的一切. 很荣幸可以交到一个像你那么好的朋友.


Happy Birthday Shin Leong!
Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Geburtstag!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

原因 The Reason

Sorry for the long pause i have taken. During the pause, i never stop writing, i just stop posting. Inspired by the Japanese Drama 'One Litre of Tears', i started to write diary. The diary now has become a place where i could write whatever in my mind and i can be emo inn the little heaven of mine. what is more important is that the diary is the proof of my existence in this world (from One Litre of Tears). It sounds very "big". but i agree and believe that. The diary contains all the personal feelings and emotions even thing that the writers never shares with other, which have been immortalized by the writer in the diary.

The Reason
Recently people has been asking me why i suddenly stopped posting. Actually i just need some time to reconsider and think about my aim and purpose of writing blog.

To impress or to express?
i still remember vividly that i asked Pat this question before. her answer is the latter. i agree with her because i used to have same thought like that. I always wrote to express myself. but at the end i have changed. i became the former.

The reason i started writing blog is that i need a place for me to express what i think and what i feel. that's why i used "It's just that simple!" A lot people thought that i used that because of somebody else. They got themselves wrong!

I have to gratefully thank someone for such a significant realization and those who has shown their support.

谢谢大家! 很感激你们向来的支持!
Thank you so much for your support!
Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützungen!
Terima Kasih atas sokongan kamu semua!