Saturday, 18 August 2007

Aufwiedersehen Dr Sue

Dr. Suganthi will be leaving Malaysia soon and back to India after staying here for 10 years. She has taught me physic for one year. Under her teaching and guidance, my physic has improved much compared to last year. I started to understand physic. I wish she could stay here longer because she is indeed a good lecturer. Every one of us wants to feel belonged. For her, 10 years being in Malaysia is a long period of time and she has been lonely, not being able to be with her family and relatives. There is no other place better than India, her home country. May be one day I will be in her shoes, in Germany as a foreigner, minority, apart from my family and friends. i wonder whether I would found something or someone that make me feel belonged there.

Thank you very much for everything you have done to us, Dr. Suganthi! I wish you all the best for future takings.

Advantages of being a man

I was given this title to give a speech about that during English class. At first I was clueless about the advantages of being a man because as a man, I never thought about that before. Now I have to squeeze my brain to come out some idea.

I thought the physical strength was the most significant and clear advantage of being a man. However, after browsing some websites in internet, I found some ideas regarding my title. I find it very interesting and funny indeed. Es bringt mir zum Lachen!

If you are a man,

1. In Malaysia, you can be Prime Minister.

2. You can sit in any position you want, with your knees apart no matter what you are wearing.

3. Why women take longer time in toilet? For men, everything is done within a few minutes; you need not have to squad down. Moreover, the world is your urinal; you can have a pee everywhere you want.

4. Have you seen girls wearing white T-shirt in water theme park? In Malaysia most probably no. but you surely can wear white shirt even without one.

5. You won’t be a victim of the global warming. You can whip your ship off on a hot day! And show off your six packs (Like Yoong)!

6. When attending an interview, your body shape will never be a contributing factor whether you get the job.

7. Man’s greatest pain- giving birth. Men would never experience that.

8. Men won't suffer stomachache every month and need not have to spend money on sanitary pad.

9. People will always listen to what you say rather than glancing at your chest or backside and having some little fantasies in mind. (Unless you are a hot hunk!)

10. Not applicable to all races- your surname stays put.

If you have more, kindly share your idea!

Friday, 10 August 2007



Another question!

William: Do we need reasons to hate people?
Shivenes: we don’t need reason to love people so if we don’t love someone there must be reason we hate or don’t love the person.

First of all why do I suddenly ask this weird question? Nothing special, it is just my curiosity towards things happening around me. If I hate someone, there must be a reason.

I have a story about Mr. A. At first Mr. A was very popular, cheerful. Everyone likes him so much. No one joked like he did. After a while, suddenly he began to act strangely like wandering in front of you, talking to himself, screaming all of a sudden. Because of his bizarre behavior, everyone started to hate him, shun him. Everyone feels he is indeed annoying. But, no one actually tried to find out why he acted strangely. If someone undergoes such a big and sudden change in personality, I think there must be a reason behind. May be family problem like the love ones passed away, or psychology problem like getting attention from others by doing something odd. Someone might look very strong from outside, but has a heart just like tofu, fragile, which hardly withstands any force. Who knows who the person behind a mask really is?

Frankly, I am not criticizing those who hate Mr. A. But I am indeed curious about the hidden reason of Mr. A. No one likes to be shunned.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Was denken Sie?

A question came across my mind out of the blue. do you think there is such thing as "sacrifice yourself willingly for the greater good in context of friends"? Would you sacrifice for the sake of your friends? yes or no

Friday, 3 August 2007


新民, 我以你为荣!

SMJK Sin Min, I am proud of you.

Ich bin sehr stolz darauf, dass ich einen studenten von Sin Min war.

母校一夜成名, 红透半边天

已经好久好久没有写华文了! 昨天我的朋友告诉我学校发生了”大件事” . 太突然了, 万万没想到母校在一夜之间成为人人口中的话题. 真的无法相信学校会因” 教师施鞭学生屁股淤血”而闻名.光华日报还写老师是在练习高尔夫球呢? 看了真是令人觉得太好笑了.还把学校的名字和校微放登出来. 传媒也太过分了吧!

外面现在传着许多谣言,谁是谁非呢? 老师还是学生? 没人可以很肯定地回答.

看了那张照片, 我大吃一惊. 学生的八月十五竟然被打到那么严重, 伤痕累累. 我还记得以前很怕吃藤鞭, 所以我都遵守纪律, 不闯祸. 之所以我从来没有尝试过藤鞭的滋味. 有点可怜他们. 听说他们是因为时常旷课, 不交功课和常常不带课本, 所以名字才会被老师写在buku gerakan里, 然后就会被guru disiplin 鞭屁股. Guru disiplin 其实不知道事情的来龙去脉.
虽然老师不应该出手那么重, 但是那三位学生还是有错在先. 所以我们不能都把矛头指向老师. 老师只不过是执行他的任务, 处罚学生. 奇怪的是为何老师鞭打30位学生只有3名学生投诉? 其他呢? 难道只有他们三位有胆给全世界看他们的八月十五吗?

我认为孩子不应该那么宝贝. 我以前举办training days 的时候, 有为学生家长来学校投诉我们说我们害到他的孩子中sunburn 脚抽经等等. 我们那时候只能低头认错. 真的不明百,我嗮的 太阳比他多好几倍, 脚痛手痛也还是要认下去., 难道我们就能把一切事物和责任丢下 不管吗? 被惩罚就去向学校投诉, 让我们中骂.
社会变了. 家长对孩子的溺爱只会让孩子误入歧途.